Protecting America

Ever wish you could whisper in the president's ear? Give him advice on issues plaguing the nation? Well, here's your chance to tell the world what you would do if you were president of the United States. Each week we'll ask our readers a question about an issue facing the nation and post your responses here.

Today's question:

What would your strategy be for keeping America safe?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"If I were president, I would make the following official statement: 'The United States of America wants to live in peace with every nation of the world. We are willing to help any nation on Earth in times of need, that we will respect each country's borders and culture, and we will expect the same, and tolerate nothing less.' Then, I would stand by these words. It is so simple. It only becomes complicated when we start politicizing it to death." — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"I would deport any non-U.S. citizen who is from countries that have known terrorist ties. That includes dual citizenships, student visas, teaching professors, business people, etc. Some would say this is too extreme. To them I ask a question: What will it take for us to wake up? A thousand killed in an attack? 10,000? When we are once again stabilized, they may return in a controlled fashion." — Pete

"I would move the U.S. Army from every other country and station them on the border. The Army should be used to defend our homeland. The Marines should also be moved back home and trained and used as a global special ops force. If Iran wants to threaten us, the Marines go in one night, decimate the government, and leave the message that America WILL NOT be threatened without repercussions." — John

"Close and secure the borders." — Jeanne (Kaukauna, WI)

"America is safe and always has been." — Steve (Mocksville, NC)

"If I were president, I'd change our strategy for the war in Iraq from a predominantly conventional military operation to that of an unconventional war headed by civilians and local police forces supported by the military." — Matt

"The most vulnerable part of the U.S. right now are our northern and southern borders. We are in an age of rapid global travel and there has to be restrictions put on incoming peoples." — Roger (Houston, TX)

"I would totally revamp Mideast policy, top to bottom, to get at the roots of terrorism. This begins with a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq — one drafted by the US military, not by grandstanding Congressmen." — Phillip

"First, the wars in the Middle East need to be completed. We need to apply more troops and more firepower. There needs to be regime change in Syria and Iran. Use covert operations to take out the leaders if possible. Once we are free from Iraq, Iran will know that we can come after them. Tighten up the border with Iran and prove what they are doing in Iraq to the world." — Ray (Manitowoc, WI)

"If I were president, I would bring all the troops home and have them protect us. I would have the troops man our borders to stop the serious situation of Afghanistan. I would put the money being spent into the elderly and poor who are having difficulty getting their prescriptions and necessities for their children." — Christine (Pennsylvania)

"Protecting American is the primary job of our government, but has been willfully neglected by our politicians for decades. As president, the only strategy I would really need is to cut the politics out of national security and do what we've always known needs to be done." — Ed (Redmond, WA)

"The first act would be to close the borders. Second, I would serve notice on any country that harbors and supports terror that they will incur the full might of the U.S. We are the strongest nation on earth and it is about time we flex our muscle and stop worrying about our image, that is terrible anyway. Third, I would give Iran one month to stop enriching plutonium and then take out their facilities." — Mike

"As president I would seal the borders with our military, then build a 3,000 mile fence along our southern border, back with National Guard troops. Secondly, since Germany and/or any other country does not fully want to assist in the war on terror, I would close all military bases and negotiate with any and all of our cooperating allies with the express purpose of building or expanding our military bases there." — James

"We're standing in an ant bed and trying to kill individual ants with hi-tech tweezers. It isn’t working. Americans are going to need to develop a hard heart, strong stomach, and the willingness to eliminate our enemies AND those that support them. This thing will only be over when the populations that allow hostile regimes to remain in power are rendered unable to continue to do so. Our enemies' strategy is to stretch out the suffering to break our will and so far we're cooperating. It's a nasty proposition, but the quicker it's done, the less the suffering of all concerned. No negotiation, no sanctions, no quarter until we achieve total victory." — Ken

"I would tone down the hateful rhetoric and start using diplomacy with the international community. Yes, that includes Iran and North Korea. I would start taking the troops out of Iraq ASAP, decreasing the numbers by 5,000 a month and getting them home. Let the Iraqi war force take it over. I would then take all the troops coming home and line them up on the Mexican border. I would take all the money that we are sending to Iraq and Lebanon and use it to help all the impoverished people in our country. I would let Israel fight their wars alone." — Joyce (Sheffield, AL)

"On September 11, 2001, I would have closed our borders. Period. Then I would have told every illegal alien to leave now or be rounded up and sent home. Then I would have followed through with that threat." — Kris (Goodlettsville, TN)

"I would bring home all the troops immediately. Have the U.S. Air Force and Navy patrol the borders of our country. The money we are spending to keep them deployed could be used to develop greater technologies to keep us safe. Instead of policing the world we should focus our energies and resources on our homeland. But we all know our troops are not in Iraq for war, but for oil and money." — Blake (Lafayette, LA)

"I would tell Border Patrol to do what they have been trained to do: arrest, detain, and remove all illegal aliens. Unlike President Bush, I know there is enough manpower to make a serious stop to illegal immigration. Securing the border and controlling immigration is possible with the will to do so. I know, because I am an immigration enforcement officer." — Daniel

"Keep the war away from American soil. Use all means to gather intelligence, stop all terrorist money transactions, and monitor all communications involving possible terrorist conversations. Tighten up border security. Tighten up security at all major transportation terminals. As America is a big country we could not possibly cover all of possible strikes against our citizens. A united country can make it happen with volunteers. It all depends if the citizens care or if they are ignorant enough to think this will all go away sooner or later." — Ed (Central Point, OR)

"Firstly, I would heed the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. I would make sure our intelligence communities have the ability to communicate with each other and with the local and state officials so that all areas are covered. I would make sure our medical community had the monies needed to make enough vaccines in case of biological attacks. I would focus our strategy on effective and intelligent use and implementation of diplomacy and/or military action. Finally, I would reach out to all Americans to communicate legitimate concerns about suspicious activity to their local law enforcement agencies." — Michael