Oregon Man Arrested After Apologizing for Rape

Police arrested a man who returned to an 87-year-old woman's house to apologize for raping her in the spring.

Joshua Lee Moreno, 20, of Hillsboro fled on a bicycle after the woman screamed and called for help following the apology, said Cmdr. Chris Skinner of the Hillsboro Police Department.

Police searched the neighborhood and arrested Moreno a few blocks from the house. Moreno confessed to investigators and was charged Monday with rape, unlawful sexual penetration and burglary, Skinner said.

The rape was reported to police on March 31. The night before, a young man knocked on the woman's door and asked to use the telephone because he was lost. When the woman refused to let him enter, the man forced his way into the home and raped her in the bedroom.

The woman immediately recognized Moreno's face Monday, but she didn't place him as the attacker until he started delivering the apology, Skinner said.

Police collected DNA evidence back in March, but it's unclear if Moreno has provided a DNA sample. "To date, our most compelling evidence is his confession, and his intricate knowledge of the crime and the layout of her house," Skinner said.

Moreno remained in the Washington County Jail late Tuesday on $250,000 bail.