Gunmen Bring Severed Heads to Bar in Mexico

Gunmen barged into a bar in central Mexico early Wednesday and tossed five human heads on the dance floor, Mexican media reported.

A group of heavily armed men shot their guns in the air as they entered a bar in Uruapan in central Michoacan state at about 1:30 a.m. (2:30 a.m. EDT) and ordered patrons to the ground before tossing the heads in plastic bags onto the center of the dance floor, according to reports.

CountryWatch: Mexico

Police were still trying to identify the victims, according to the reports by the newspapers Reforma and Milenio.

Drug violence has escalated in Mexico in the past year and gangs have turned to more gruesome and brutal methods in their battle for control of lucrative routes after the arrest of major cartel leaders. So far this year, at least six human heads of police and rival drug smugglers have been found in the Pacific resort of Acapulco.

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