Griffs Notes 9/6/06

Let me preface today’s entry with this solemn promise: I will not allow this space to become a fashion blog.

Nevertheless, did anyone else besides me notice that Katie Couric debuted in a bright white jacket last night?!

I’m no standard bearer of etiquette or purveyor of fashion advice – but isn’t there a “white rule” about wearing white after Labor Day? And where does Katie Couric get the moxie to throw it in our face on day one of her new show? Was it intentional? Or did the CBS’s Evening News fire the wardrobe consultant? What would Emily Post have to say about this?

(And did you also notice – for us television folks – her “lavaliere mic” was white as well? Perhaps she is attempting to set a new trend in anchor microphones?)

The apparently antiquated dictum goes as such: Wear only white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It’s origin, according to the acting director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, is more of a class issue thing from the 19th Century when more people were coming into money and the blue-bloods wanted to help with some specific societal guidance.

But what is the message? I suppose if you really wanted to read into it – Naomi Wolf would be pleased to think that America’s Sweetheart broke more than just the male-dominated nightly news anchor ceiling. She tore apart Miss Manner’s rulebook right there in your living room.

I polled several of my female colleagues and found out that “the white rule” violation wasn’t nearly as noticeable as her hair, makeup or how she fit into her outfit. And for the most part, it appears that it’s okay to wear white whenever you darn well please. (Note to Fashion Designers: White is your color this winter – You got that?!)

In the end, does any of this really matter? I don’t know. But I definitely enjoyed critiquing what she was wearing more than listening to what she was saying. And I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing tonight…