Bush Answers Some Questions

Did you ever wonder why we had secret CIA prisons?

Today the president told you.

Ever wonder why we kept guys like Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh tucked away for so long before bringing them to trial?

Today President Bush told you.

Ever wonder why we have evidently had to use extraordinary means of interrogation... not torture, mind you, but extraordinary?

Today the president told you.

Today the president laid out what has been accomplished with several key players in the 9/11 plot and how we have used them to find others, following leads from one to capture another, getting leads from him and getting yet another, and so on.

All this sounded pretty reasonable to me, and I'm glad the U.S. government did these things. But then, I don't hate Bush, and I don't disbelieve every word out of his mouth, as some do.

I'm also glad the president asked — not demanded — Congress handle a couple bits of truly important legislation: laws that would define how prisoners can be treated under the Geneva Conventions and, second, laws to set up a procedure so KSM and Ramzi and Zubaydah can be put on trial in a military courtroom.

I know members of Congress want to get out and start campaigning so they can keep their jobs, and others out there are campaigning now to take their jobs away. But this stuff is important, and any delay only invites some court somewhere to rule that these 9/11 terrorists shouldn't be kept in captivity if there is not a procedure for putting them on trial.

By the way, it is no small matter that demands upon the Congress to pass crucial laws in order to deal with dangerous terrorists will help focus the minds of those campaigning for public office and those voting for or against them.

As this election approaches, no one should be able to avoid the issue of our security.

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