$1M Bail Set in Washington Tuxedo-Party Slaying

Four people being held in a shooting death at a formal-wear party got directions to the scene from someone who was at the party and wanted to settle a grudge with them, investigators believe.

Snohomish County prosecutors also wrote in court filings that Jay Daniel Clements, 21, of Everett, a senior at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, was fatally shot early Sunday while trying to ease tensions after the group arrived spoiling for a fight.

Bail was set Tuesday in Everett District Court at $1 million for Noel Evan Caldellis, 18, of Seattle, accused of firing the fatal shots. He remained in jail for investigation of first-degree murder.

Bail was set at $75,000 for Jason Alan Kimura, 18, of Shoreline, held for investigation of rioting. Also in custody for investigation of rioting were two 17-year-old boys from Lynnwood. Two others were being sought.

Caldellis has no serious criminal history. In January, he was cited for being a minor intoxicated in public.

"It's just a tragedy for everybody," said Clements' father, Dan Clements, 57, municipal finance director in nearby Edmonds. "My heart really goes out to everybody. I just think it's a terrible waste of young lives."

Jay Clements didn't know the four in custody or the two being sought, according to investigators.

The group of six got a call from someone who had not been invited to the black-tie tuxedo party at a home in Brier but was admitted because he came with someone who had gotten an invitation, investigators wrote.

The caller wanted a fistfight to settle a score, apparently over some property damage, and gave detailed instructions for driving to the house through a series of suburban cul-de-sacs, according to court filings.

Caldellis said that in the hullabaloo that developed after he and the others arrived, he fired a couple of warning shots into the air, then turned the gun on the crowd, investigators wrote. Clements was hit twice and died at the scene.

"He was trying to calm things down and trying to get people outside back inside," said Shannon Sessions, a spokeswoman for Lynnwood police, who are assisting Brier police in the case.