Griffs Notes 9/1/06

I consider it an honor to live in Washington, DC. It is the seat of government for the most powerful nation on the planet. It houses the President, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court. It is a sleepy town along the Potomac River that boasts national and international influences of unparalleled proportions. Therefore, I suppose I should not be surprised to wake up this morning to find out that most public schools in the area are closed today… BECAUSE OF RAIN!!!

In anticipation of Tropical Depression Ernesto – soon to be known as “Bad Thunderstorm formerly known as Tropical Depression Ernesto” – the District of Columbia government declared a state of emergency today. Washington’s lowest lying geography is at sea level along the beautiful Tidal Basin often pictured in shots of the Jefferson Monument during April’s Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Its highest ground is found at 410 feet above sea level. Its Combined Statistical Weather-Related Confidence Level is much farther below both.

Hurricanes occasionally take tracks through our great city and cause some degree of flooding - most recently affecting the area in 2003 by the remnants of Hurricane Isabel. But this weekend, we are all just going to get very, very wet.

Perhaps I am either unwise or too cynical to heed the precipitation warnings of the local authorities, but unless we find out that Ernesto has acquired WMDs, I’d say it’s going to be a perfect weekend for the extensive viewing of the opening weekend of College Football. Go Ole Miss Rebels!