Grenade Attack at Mexican Newspaper Injures 3

Two grenades were thrown at the door of a newspaper Friday in southern Mexico, and one exploded, breaking windows and injuring three people, officials said.

The attack against the Por Esto! office in Merida was the second against the newspaper chain in a little over a week. On Aug. 23, assailants threw several grenades at the Por Esto! office in Cancun, damaging the front of the building but causing no injuries.

Roberto Acevedo, spokesman for the local federal Attorney General's office, told The Associated Press by telephone that police had detained one man and were interrogating him to see if the two attacks were related.

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A receptionist, a cleaning lady and a security guard were all treated at the scene for injuries from broken glass.

Por Esto! has focused part of its coverage on the area's drug trade, and officials were investigating whether the attacks were related to that.

The newspaper blamed the Juarez Cartel for the Aug. 23 attack, but it hasn't said who it believes is responsible for Friday's explosion.

Mexican media have been the targets of attacks by drug gangs and protesters in recent months. In the southern city of Oaxaca, once popular with tourists, protesters demanding the governor's resignation have seized radio and television outlets, and attacked a newspaper.

In February, gunmen opened fire on El Manana newspaper in Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas.

Since 2004, 10 journalists have been killed in Mexico, and one other is missing.

In an attempt to address the growing violence against journalists, President Vicente Fox created a special prosecutor to deal with crimes against the media.