Finally Free!

FNC Correspondent Steve Centanni, 60, and Cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, were released by their kidnappers Sunday, nearly two weeks after they were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip. The release of Centanni and Wiig ends the longest-running drama involving foreign hostages in Gaza. The two, now on their way to the United States, stressed their desire that other journalists not be pulled away from covering the plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Read more and take a look at a timeline of their ordeal.

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'Happy to Be Free'


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Here's what some FOX Fans are saying:

"I am thrilled that Steve Centanni has been freed! I watched him daily and he is like an old friend." — Tom

"I am very thankful that Steve and Olaf were released." — Bruce

"Thank God for their release, and thank you, Greta, for letting them tell their stories in their own words, and their own time." — Ann

“What a great relief to have these guys freed! As a New Zealand native living in Chicago, I'm very happy to see Anita and Olaf reunited. As the wife of a filmmaker who goes to dangerous places, I put myself in the shoes of Steve and Olaf's family members and hope I never experience what they went through. I celebrate media freedom and am grateful to Steve, Olaf and others for bring us the stories. Thanks to all those who helped get them free. Anita and Jennifer — you rock!” — Toni

“So glad Steve and Olaf are free. They were in our thoughts and prayers the entire time they were held. What a great job Greta did on the interview with them. She brought out the regular people in them and made known the love, work, and support that was involved in their release. I could have listened to them all night. We were glued to the TV to not miss a thing. It made our hearts light to hear that so much work was going on behind the scenes.” — Sue (St. Louis, MO)

“The best news that I heard in a long time was when Steve and Olaf were released. My husband and I are huge fans of Steve’s and we honestly felt as though a family member had been kidnapped. I will tell you that we prayed day and night for the safe return of Steve and Olaf. Our hearts and prayers went out to their families as well. We send our love and our best wishes to Steve and Olaf and their families.” — Donna

“That was a fantastic interview, Greta! Thank you so very much. I wish it had lasted longer. I was so worried about Steve and Olaf. At the same time, I was very hopeful with Jennifer and Anita and Steve's family working feverishly behind the scenes. I prayed really hard, and I think the love and prayers of so many people had a lot to do with their safe release.” — Lynn

“I was very happy to see that Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were released and not physically harmed. It was moving to hear them recount their experiences and fascinating to get further insight into what is occurring in the Gaza. I am glad their story had a happy ending and let's hope all kidnap victims have the same conclusion.” — Anna

“I was very happy to hear that the your correspondents were returned unharmed to their families.” — Ryan

“Now I understand the importance of our prayers. Our God is a protector and helped orchestrate the release of these fine journalists and honorable men. Welcome home, Steve and Olaf!” — DA

“We are so pleased that Steve and Olaf are safe. Good work to all those who were behind the scenes and thank you for bringing them home safe.” — C.M. (Emmaus, PA)

“Steve and Olaf have been in my prayers since the day I heard that they were kidnapped. I am so thankful that they were released safely.” — Lisa (Asheville, NC)

“Your handling of the news releases during the abduction of journalist Centanni and his cameraman Wiig is to be commended. I admire your understanding of the enemy's desire for media attention and found the commitment of your bureau chief and journalists in the area to securing the release of their colleagues inspiring.” — Cheryl

“We all prayed hard for Steve and Olaf and are so thrilled and happy they are free! God bless you!” 3 Dev

“Godspeed and very happy to have both of you home safe and sound. My prayers continue to go out on your behalf.” — Father Howard (Essington, PA)

“I am very thankful the journalists were freed, essentially unharmed. I prayed daily for their release.” — Chandra (Jonesboro, AR)

“So glad they are OK as they both are great men and news people. God bless.” — Nichola

“My prayers and thoughts have been with Steve and Olaf since the beginning. When I awoke Sunday morning, signed in on the Internet and learned of their release, I looked up and said, ‘Thank You God.’ Please let them know how much they've been in our prayers and thoughts since their capture. Although, I felt from the beginning they would be released. I prayed and had faith that we'd get the two of them back.” — Balpha

“Steve, when I heard of your kidnapping I was truly distressed. I have watched FOX News since Sept.11, 2001 and feel as if I have become a true FOX fan. I prayed nightly for you and Olaf's release. The tears I have shed lately have been heartfelt and genuine. Thank God for your safe return and for your family.” — Bonnie

“Thanks be to God for the safe release of Steve and Olaf! Our prayers were with them throughout their ordeal. And thanks to FNC for the discreet way in which their abduction was covered. We knew that the proper wheels were turning at all times. God bless all of you!” — E.G. (Roanoke, VA)

“Praise God! We were all praying for their release and are so very grateful to God for their safe return. We have enjoyed Steve's reporting over the years, he is an asset to your FOX News team as is Olaf (without him we wouldn't be able to view much of the reported areas).” — P.G.

“I can't begin to say how I felt when I got up Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for church, to hear that Steve and Olaf were released alive and well. I cried. I have prayed for both of them each day that they were missing and prayed that they would be returned to their families alive. It was wonderful to see something positive come out of this when so much that we see is not. Steve and Olaf must know that so many people, like me, wanted them safely home and were praying for them every day. Keep the faith and continue the great work.” — Denise

“I spent Sunday watching as Steve and Olaf were released with tears streaming down my face and hope in my heart that the terrorists did have some sense to let them go. We prayed for all the time that they were in captivity and are SO grateful to all who worked for their release and to God for his many blessings. God bless Steve and Olaf and their families, and we thank them for their gracious words on their release.” — Gail and Allen (Litchfield, CT)

“Thank God! We as Americans are so proud and glad that your freedom finally came true! We just want you to know that we couldn't even count the many, many prayers that were sent up to God for your release!! We watch FOX Network all the time in our home. FNC is the only television station that we can truly trust to give us the real an truthful news! Keep up the good work!! I know you are great Americans!” — Jean (Blountsville, AL)

“Our prayers go to the New Zealand Foreign Department of Correspondence, the U.S. authorities, and the Palestinian government for the safe return of Steve Centanni and our own Olaf Wiig.” — Teo (Gisborne, New Zealand)

“I am so happy that Steve and Olaf have been freed. Steve you are my favorite reporter. I told my husband a little over a month ago that you were my favorite reporter. I just about dropped to my knees when I heard that you and Olaf were kidnapped. I was so worried liked everyone else and was so sick to my stomach over this. We are huge fans of FOX News and you guys are like second families to us. We have FOX on all day every day. This just felt way too close to home!” — Noelle (Granbury, TX)

"Hey Steve: Wonderful news on your release!! I have been a Fox News junkie for a long, long time and I'm proud of it. My heart sank when I heard the missing correspondent was you. I couldn't believe it and tuned in every chance I could to get an update on your abduction. I know freedom is something we don't miss until we lose it, and I know you are so thankful you have yours back. God Bless you." — Sharol, an AVID FOX FAN!

"The release of Steve and Olaf was a heartwarming experience. I watch FOX News all the time, and after seeing all the violence and terrible things that have happened to captives, I feared for their lives. So welcome home, Steve and Olaf." — Nelda

"Joy and relief that Steve and Olaf are safe...they are courageous!" — William and Ingrid

"I was thrilled to hear of the release of the two men. I had prayed for them and that they would be returned safely." — Mary Lou (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

"I can not begin to tell you how happy I was to hear the news that Steve and Olaf were released yesterday. I had been following the story from the beginning, and could not begin to imagine what their families, friends, and FOX family were going through. I hope that both Steve and Olaf don't have too difficult of a time adjusting to life after the kidnapping. I look forward to seeing them both back to work after having some much deserved time off. God bless all of the FOX family." — Kristi (Minneapolis, MN)

"It's great that they are home. I know their families are so excited they have returned. God be with both of them during their recovery." — Cathy (Sherwood, AR)

“We are so happy Steve and Olaf are free. God bless the people who helped. We're so thankful to God that they can return to their families.” — Jim and Faye

“Steve, I watch you a lot on FOX. I just wanted you to know that I prayed earnestly for the release of you and your buddy. God heard my prayers.” — Ruby (McDonough, GA)

“This news gives all of us something special to add to our prayers of thanks. Celebrate life.” — Elle