Change of Plans

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Our show takes another surprise turn: We had expected to do the show from New Orleans Tuesday night, but we got a call late Monday to go to New York and interview Olaf Wiig and Steve Centanni. Needless to say I am excited to see them. The past two weeks have been difficult for all of us — of course far worse for Steve and Olaf and their families. (A factoid: Steve Centanni shares an office with Catherine Herridge in the Washington, D.C., bureau.) I have been in this business for more than 15 years and never get nervous, but I confess to being a bit nervous about the interview with them tonight because I really want to do a good job for both of them.

I am writing this blog in the car in New Orleans headed to the airport. New Orleans is a beautiful city with a rich culture — yet it still looks horrible. On Monday we shot a lot of video of the city that we did not get to show you last night. I am not sure with all the changes in our programming when you will see it. I would like you to see it — seeing the video for yourself is better than having anchors tell you about the devastation. One thing is odd: Usually the cameras are so good at capturing the topic for you, but for some reason the cameras just don't, in my view, capture this story completely. Seeing it in person shows an even greater devastation than what I see when I watch the video on TV. I do hope to post a bunch of still pictures in Wednesday's blog that will help show the story. I did not have time to do that today because I have to get to New York.

I am not sure where the show goes tomorrow... Ernesto?

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