Pat Buchanan: Patriot or Isolationist?

"The children born in 2006 will witness in their lifetime the death of the West.”

Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan's new book, "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America," warns that America's immigration policies will yield dire consequences for future generations.

Buchanan claims that as a result of President Bush's failure to secure our borders, the Southwest is being deliberately retaken by Mexico, and thus slowly but surely becoming detached from the rest of the United States.

Watch Pat Buchanan's first cable interview on his book and the controversy surrounding it, then weigh in!

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“While some of Pat Buchanan’s rhetoric is over-the-top, we do need to secure our borders, and put a well-guarded fence along the entire Mexican border, and only allow a slow trickle of legal immigrants who are willing to become Americans and contribute to our society.” — Steven (West Hartford, CT)

“In my opinion, Buchanan is more of an isolationist. He was right on the money about the Mexican invasion, but wrong about President Bush not closing the border. Congress is the one who should make sensible legislations that will close our borders to illegal aliens.” — Jade (Arizona)

“We need to refrain from the blame game and just do what is necessary right now to secure our northern and southern borders, as well as our ports. It absolutely does not compute that we have not done so since 9/11.” — Chris (Phoenix, AZ)

"No this is not a position we should take seriously, I'm more concerned with Al Qaeda than Mexicans entering our country illegally." — Andrea

"I think he is right and it is what all Americans want. The politicians are once again not looking at the future of America just their term limit. I am not against people coming into this country legal but let’s get rid of those that are illegal. Our system and way of life is at jeopardy." — Ann (Bedford, TX)

"Pat is loco! His hateful and negative words are just to stir the pot and sell some books. My father came into this country legally and worked hard to provide for his family. We are very patriotic, more so than many in this country who take America's freedoms for granted. I am married to a woman whose great-grandmother was an immigrant from Ireland. Every American is essentially an immigrant. Only the Native Americans have the claim of being from here, and even they migrated from Asia. We all essentially migrated from Africa according the latest scientific research. Oh, but I doubt many so-called Christians in America want to believe that!" — José (Richmond, VA)

"Yes, I agree and think that it is a real problem that might be to late to resolve already." — Bill

"I have been saying the same thing for a long time. We are well on our way, but nobody seems to recognize it or else doesn’t care." — Bob

"Listen up Mr. Bush! Buchanan's message is one we should take seriously. We can already see it coming everywhere we look! Our elected officials need to listen to his man and take him seriously." — Terry (El Paso, TX)

"This guys is two steps away from being a racist. I think America would be better off without his divisive rhetoric. This county was founded by immigrants who slaughtered the native people of this land. This country was built on the backs of slavery. The current economy thrives due to the exploitation of cheap, illegal labor. I think we need to learn from our past and make life better for immigrants, illegal or not. I doubt very seriously that Jesus would care about borders or that someone had a green card. I think he would feel very hurt by the way we treat the men, women and children who risk their lives to take advantage of the opportunities we have created on the exploitation of others." — Ray (Cary, NC)

"Indeed I do. Pat's message needs to be taken seriously. From our misguided war in Iraq to the complete failure of domestic issues (Katrina and immigration), Bush has turned America into a country in tragic decline." — Tip (Lincoln, NE)

"Typically, I don't agree with much he says, but right on the money with this issue. We must turn things around before it's too late, which it may already be. But we need to try for God's sake!'" — Beverly (Lexington, KY)

"I totally agree with Buchanan on this issue! My gut feeling is that politics has taken over our nation. Common sense has gone out the door. We must change this scene or in a very few years we will be suffering dire consequences." — Roberta

"Pat Buchanan makes some points, but he sounds like many others in the past during every major influx of immigrants - people who fueled unfounded fears. It was responsible for racism on unprecedented scales (just ask the Irish of the 19th and 20th centuries). What Pat forgets is that it is the poor 'Third World' immigrant that has made this country the greatest country on earth! Look at each large ingress of immigrants and you will find this to be true. Each one has provided the best of each culture and melded it into a unique American culture. This would not have happened had we only let 'First World' folks into our country. Mr. Buchanan has let his isolationism shake his senses. We should welcome legal immigration at all costs. If we don't, what has always made us great will cease to be." — Jeff (Huntington, WV)

“Is Pat a patriot or isolationist? I don’t know. What I do know is that he is a politician and opportunist. I have a hard time trusting anything he says. We need a positive force that focuses on the real problems facing the world.” — Janet (Monroe, NC)

"It's almost five years after 9/11 and it's amazing that our borders are still unsecured. Anyone can cross with little problem. Secure our borders, then enforce our immigration laws already on the books. Pat is absolutely correct on this issue. I support his stand." — Ralph (Joplin, MO)

"Buchanan is really a day late and a dollar short with this book." — John

"The Republican party called me after the last presidential election asking questions concerning the most important issues the president needs to concentrate on in his next four-year term. I believe the terrorism issue should be automatic, protect our people. My first and foremost concern was immigration and security on the borders. Pat Buchanan could be absolutely right. Our country, especially Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico, is in dire straits. I grew up in Arizona, and recently visited there. The state is nearly destroyed with litter from people who do not care about our country. They do not want to speak English and insist on a job. If there are 36 million illegal immigrants, then why aren't we doing something? At the risk of votes our leaders are doing nothing worthwhile. When the terrorists (coming across from Mexico) bomb Phoenix or Los Angeles, will they do something then?" — Janet (Kansas)

"We should take Pat Buchanan's message very, very seriously. It absolutely does not matter what political party you belong to; what race or ethnic makeup you are etc. If we want to save lives, we better secure our borders. Political correctness has no place in this debate. The entire nation will pay a high price if we don't secure our borders." — Jim (Bremen, GA)

"Buchanan's message is THE message America needs. WE want immigrants, but they must be legal. The whole issue of combining Mexico, the U.S. and Canada into a North American Union is scary too. What a shame to think that our politicians would want us to look anything like the Europeans!" — Jeff (Kentucky)

"There is truth to the old saying that 'even a stopped clock is right twice a day.' Buchanan's message happens to be right at the moment, or at least it has appeal to a lot of people who normally would not give him the time of day." — Roger Soiset (Lilburn, GA)

"We definitely need to shut all our borders, it seems like a no-brainer! We are at war! We have illegals sucking off of our economy! The rest of the world wants to see us dead! Whats so hard about the decision to close the border? Do you lock your doors at home?" — Richard

"I fully agree with Mr. Buchanan's comments and ideas. The U.S. has been allowing illegal immigrants access to free medical coverage, tax free pay, housing assistance, and so forth. I had an opportunity to talk with several immigrants, and I was told that they are indeed intending to take back 'their' country. I am tired of working hard, and not being able to afford basic medical care for my family. They have the 'right' to send their kids to the same school as mine, yet THEY don't have to pay taxes? What's wrong with this country?" — Fred (St. Thomas, PA)

"Mr. Buchanan's views are shared by more than what the left would call a small group of fearmongers. Immigration is what makes this country what it is today. The best and the brightest who took the time to come with a strong work ethic and a sense of pride at beinga part of the great American experiment. Illegal immigration takes the experiment and corrupts it like cancer, drawing on resources meant for those here legally (including you and me) and giving nothing in return. An open border is like leaving your house unlocked at night or while on a trip. When we finally wake up or return home, what will we find? I shudder to think of it." — Rev. Michael (Fort Wayne, IN)

"Pat, like many others, are occasionally 'out there' a bit, but this time he's right on target!" — M.

"Wow, illegals will destroy this country? As much as illegal immigration is a massive problem in this country, it will not be the sole item that destroys this country. We had better start looking at the other issues that are on a faster track to destruction of this country: abortion, crime, rampant immorality, massive debt, and Left-wing idiots. These are a few of the many things that need our attention more than illegals. Immigration needs to take its place in line on the concern agenda." — Travis

"Pat Buchanan should realize that it is not Bush's failure. The borders have never been secure, I don't care which president was there. It just now came to a head because Bush was trying to do something about it. So, actually, it's his involvement that's bringing this thing out in the open. It's the left that won't let it happen. They would rather see him fail than give him the support he needs." — Ginny (Chicago, IL)

"He certainly is correct. The uninterrupted flow of illegals into this country over our border with Mexico have already lead to massive and destructive changes in our culture, economy and way of life in areas of our country. We need border enforcement now. There is room for reasoned legal immigration quotas and a temporary worker program, but our immigration process must secure our borders and ensure that those who do come here legally learn our language and integrate into our society." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"I think Buchanan's remarks may be a little over the top, but not that far off base. For years this country has attempted to control immigration, and those who did come here were expected to (and wanted to) learn the language and be assimilated into this country as Americans. Today's illegal immigrant community wants to hold onto their native language, and seem to have no desire to become Americans." — Wince (Clermont, FL)

"Buchanan's message is factual." — Larry (Green Bay, WI)

"We disregard Pat Buchanan's book at our own peril. It's the fault of our 'leaders' for not holding immigration to a level that ensures assimilation into American culture." — Fred (Oakland, CA)


"I think there are many more people like Pat Buchanan who believe America is headed for a crisis if we don't meet the legal/illegal immigration head on. I want to hear more people give solutions to the problems." — Penny (Carrollton, TX)

"Regarding Pat Buchanan's book and the message it contains all one has to do is look at the influx of illegals coming over the border that are in the news each day to see that Mexico is still fighting what was titled the Mexican War back in the 1800's. The Mexican mindset seems to be that southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas are still part of Mexico. Americans should remember the Alamo and what happened there." — Greg

"The degree to which our politicians on both side of the aisle have sold out their country for their short term personal gains should alarm the nation. We are in severe trouble, and a very high percentage of those we elected to protect the health and welfare of our nation have refused to see the situation for fear of not being re-elected. Illegal immigration is a greater crisis than the Cold War was." — Lee (North Palm Beach, FL)