Griffs Notes 8/25/06

Welcome to Griffs Notes. This is going to be the hopefully entertaining, often-illogical daily blog of FOX News Talk’s first intrepid talk radio reporter. I hope in the days and years to come that you’ll laugh with me, cry with me, agree with me and, at times, get down right hacked off at me… Nevertheless, you and I will go together and experience the great big world out there. Which brings me to our first trip. Destination: “The Chocolate City.”

I reported on the radio from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a year ago in New Orleans. It was an absolute disaster zone the likes of which I have not seen in Iraq or the Gaza Strip – both of which I have visited. Yet despite the bleak human condition, I found the New Orleanians’ indomitable spirit an amazing thing. And I thoroughly enjoyed the colorful personality of their Big Mouth Mayor, C. Ray Nagin.

Yet according to the media and Spike Lee, New Orleans apparently hasn’t rebounded under the leadership of the recently re-elected Nagin and things are still in shambles – especially the Lower 9th Ward. Some blame President Bush. Some blame Mayor Nagin. Some blame Gov. Blanco. (Although Nagin says he hasn’t been given enough time since after all “the guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later.”)

Is America’s great southern city of jazz music, cajun food and magical voodoo charm gone forever? I’m going back to find out and will dutifully report to you. See you from New Orleans on Monday…

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roullez!