Around the House: Crown Molding

Want to add elegance and flair to a room? Nothing dresses up a space like the presence of crown molding. And although it's easy to install, crown molding is actually one of the most-feared home improvement projects. But not anymore! Home Depot's Dave White has some easy tips to help even the most fumble-fingered DIY carpenter turn an ordinary room into a regal showcase.

Installation Tips

• The reason why it’s so hard to cut crown molding is because it does not lay flush against the wall like chair rail and baseboard molding. It is usually at an angle, off the wall.
• You will need a miter saw or miter box to cut the molding.
• Cut pieces at a 45-degree angle. When you place two 45-degree angles together you get a 90-degree angle. There are two types of corners: Inside corner and outside corner
• Place the molding on the wall as you’d see it when standing in room. Then flip it upside down so top of molding is sitting on base of table. Bottom edge is against the fence of the saw.
• You can buy pre-cut crown molding corners. This is great if your wall corners are at 90-degree angle.
• Easiest way to mount it is with a nail gun so you can hold the molding in one hand and put in nails with the other.
• Purchase extra molding. Even experts make measuring and cutting mistakes

Product Information

Types of Molding:

• Base boards
• Chair rail
• Crown molding
• Window and door casings

Home Depot Wide Profile Molding Collections by Architectural Style:

• Classical
• Colonial
• Heritage
• Renaissance
• Craftsman

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