Racial Profiling

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Today's question:

Is racial profiling a necessary tool in the war on terror?

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"Yes, it is just the world we live in. If not things will just get uglier before getting any better." — Jay (Miami, FL)

"This hysteria must stop before we are burning witches at the stake again. The neocons are pushing a message and policy of hate." — Gerald (Boston, MA)

"Yes. I am sick of seeing old ladies being searched while anyone else can slip onto the plane." — Yolanda (Myrtle Beach, SC)

"It is illgeal and undemocratic. No elected offical who is sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution should support racial profiling. Any minority who does just undermines that great work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and any who serve to protect our freedoms." — Mimi (San Diego, CA)

"YES! We already do it. Law enforcement and citizens included. I do it and I know people reading this, either for profiling or not, do it." — Pat (Hickory, NC)

"No. It is simply wrong and not what a free and civil soceity should do." — Jackie (Louisville, KY)