Iran's 'New Formula'

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Today's question:

If YOU were president, what would be your reaction to Iran's nuclear response?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I would work with Iran to stabilize the region and work with the international community to positively force change in the Mideast." — Jasper (Salt Lake City, UT)

"I would not negotiate nor sign treaties that will undoubtedly be ignored at their discretion." — Alex (Atlanta, GA)

"As president, I would attack with air strikes. I would not send ground troops in until Iran's infrastructure and war-making capability is crushed." — Leena (Brooklyn, NY)

If I were president, I would give Iran a deadline. Then I would inform the American people and the Iranians that there will be civilian casualties because I would not give them the pleasure of knowing where we will strike. The Iranians aren't stupid. They know if weapons are being built near them." — Stevie (Seattle, WA)

"As president, I would offer Iranians a warning of our eventually attack if their leaders failed to comply with international order. I would inform them that we would be taking out their country's infrastructure, but to broadcast where we are going to strike is foolish. This just allows them to run and regroup for another day. I would not give them a timetable as to when I would strike. If anything, I would tell the Iranian government that their actions are determining the timetable." — Mavis (Knoxville, TN)

"I would keep the line of communications open between the United States and Iran. Each will be trying to establish a position and stand their ground. The issue is so complex, and the region is so unstable, that we must not jump without seeing the whole picture and what the gain versus risk could be. This is not the first, nor will it be the last, issue of nuclear issues in the region. So walk softly, but carry a big stick!" — Bob

"I wouldn’t do anything — Iran is bluffing. There is no way they will take on Israel if they get the bomb. Let them get the bomb, who cares? The U.S. needs to stop policing the world and worry about ourselves. We need lower taxes and less government, not more war against a bunch of cowards who use children as pawns." — Clint (Texas)

"If I were president, I would tell Iran, 'If you want a nuclear bomb, go ahead and make one.' After all, why do we have any more right to have them? I would then add, 'since we have so many more of them than you do, if you choose to use it, we will make Iran a barren desert.'" — Dean (Fairfield, IL)

"Massive pre-emptive missile and air-strikes." — Sara (Wisconsin)

"As president, there is no clear answer to the question — attack not attack, work with the U.N. — each carriers the same weight. War takes time, no matter what country you are, and all these screams for war will be cries for peace in months. The U.S. know the ambitions of the Iran leadership; the problem is convincing the rest of the world." — David (Houston, TX)

"I would return to the basic premise declared immediately after 9/11: you are either with us or you are with the terrorists. We need to acknowledge that we are currently involved in a world war against Islamic terrorists and the supporters of Islamic fascist regimes. Iran falls in both categories, a terrorist state and a supporter of terrorism. As such, I would ask Congress to declare war on Iran, with the goal of neutralizing their ability to develop weapons of mass destruction and to support terrorism." — Steve (Hollywood, MD)

"I believe that Iran should be dealt with swiftly and decisively. Iran's president has made it clear that he wants Israel annihilated, which tells me that he is willing to use his nuclear capability once he achieves it." — Steve (Stevensville, MD)

"I would seek the strongest possible sanctions in the U.N. Security Council against Iran. If they protest this by blocking the Gulf of Hormuz to prevent the shipment of oil, I would call their bluff and take the opportunity to sink their fleet and make Iran an isolated, land-locked regime. No ground forces would need to be deployed to achieve this. It would also send a strong message to North Korea." — David (McLean, VA)

"Iran has made no secret that it sponsors Hezbollah financially as well as with weapons. As president, I see no alternative other than to immediately strike Iran with overwhelming force. We are positioned perfectly for such an attack — we have plenty of troops and equipment on their western border in Iraq, as well as on their northern border in Afghanistan, and can easily stage a naval attack from the south in the Persian Gulf. It is imperative that they never acquire a nuclear weapon." — Trent

“If I were president, I would ignore Iran’s offer. If I were a president who promised not to negotiate with terrorists, I would not accept anything beyond a full surrender of their nuclear ambitions and support of terrorist organizations. The moment that a hint of defiance was known, I would strike Iran hard and decisively.” — Marty (New York, NY)

"If I were president, I would find out who supplied Iran with the machinery and parts for their nuclear plant and then attack them severely (with or without the U.N.'s approval). Then I would ask them one last time to cease and desist. If they failed to do so, I would strike." — Pat (Houston, TX)

"As president, I would make sure the American public understand how Iran was a real threat, unlike Iraq. I would make them understand that Iran is presenting a package to delay and confuse. We are going into a litany of negotiations, while they re-arm Hezbollah and prepare the grand finale to defraud the U.N. The U.N. means well, but fails to understand the simple aspects of Mother Nature. You don't negotiate with wasps, if you have to spray the nest. The nest is growing — Iran is no one's friend. They are not interested in peace, or self determination, only in the destruction of freedom as we know it." — Gene (Miami, FL)

"As president, I would not make the mistake of misleading the American people and the international community about Iran like Bush did about Iraq. I would make sure that I had a clear exit strategy. I would work with the U.N. up to a point. Make no mistake, I believe that Iran must be dealt with and should've been dealt with before Iraq. I would make sure that Iran was hit hard by the U.S. military and made incapable of being a threat." — Lynne (Macon, GA)

"I honestly don't know what I would do as president. I do know that I would examine the situation like my life depended on it. If we attack Iran, they will attack Israel. This will bring us closer to a world war that will be long and costly. Iran knows that our military is stretched too thin and that Iraq has been a failure. They know that Bush cannot get the support of the American people without a clear and present danger that can be demonstrated to the entire world beyond a shadow of a doubt. Iran's current regime must be taken out, but they will send in ground troops to Iraq if we strike. I don't know what I would do without better intelligence." — Kip (Boston, MA)

"I would state that Iran has two weeks before the power and might of the U.S. military is unleashed upon them. I would offer no negotiations. I would tell their government that they would have to have relinquish power and be exiled. I would encourage Iranians to take control of their freedom. I would also warn them to seek shelter and move away from targets that I would make known to them. After two weeks and with no succession, I would strike and strike hard. I would target strategic military sites, power plants, factories, and any industry that would cripple the country." — J.R. (Tulsa, OK)

"As president, I would work very closely with the U.N. and Europe to make a change there. After the quagmire of Iraq, we cannot attack Iran and think it will be a peace of cake. You can't simply attack Iran. Look at what is happening in Iraq now. Iran would singal terrorist groups to attack U.S. citizens and interests around the world. Iran would attack Israel and force World War III. I would do everything in my power to cease Iran's nuclear ambitions without going to war." — David (Chicago, IL)

"I would offer no warnings, no ultimatum, no useless U.N. resolutions. I would send a wave of bombers not seen since the fall of Germany in World War II. We have a great staging area in Iraq and Afghanistan and need no one's permission to secretly utilize those airspaces. I would utilize U.S. and Israeli intelligence and attack targets as deemed dangerous by those resources." — Evan

"If I were president, there wouldn't have been negotiations to begin with." — Nick (Augusta, GA)

"If I were president, I would lean on the U.N. Diplomacy is the first and best alternative. Together with Israel, the U.S. could put a stop to Iran's ambitions with surgical strikes." — Russ (Beavercreek, OR)

"We have to attack them through alternative fuel dialog that makes them believe we are serious about eliminating our reliance on their export while keeping a firm position on military options. Israel will not allow them to have a nuclear option." — John

"Iraq, Iran, Syria, and North Korea would be nothing but parking lots for my bombers, because there is no politically correct way to fight a war. War is about killing the enemy. You kill them, and you keep killing them until they lose their will to fight. If they are strong-willed, then you must kill enough of them to break the resistance. If the resistance is strong and can not be broken, then you kill them all. If the resistance hides among the people, kill the people too, because the people are compromised and can no longer be trusted not to join the fight against you." — William (Lexington, KY)

"If I were president, I would have a glimmer of hope that perhaps, with great diplomatic discussions, we could actually have a mutual understanding of how devastating it would be if all nations had nuclear weapons. I would suggest that all nations would be happy to give them up and by cross-monitoring every nation would do so. My main agenda would be to know how to be diplomatic and, without fail, exercise these very important skills." — Anne-Claire

"If I were president, I would position sufficient firepower around Iran to completely destroy their society in a single attack. Then I would tell Iran, the U.N., and the world that we have already given our position on their development plans, and we have already given our pledge to not allow their success." — A

"If I were president, I would do my utmost to overthrow the government of Iran .The Iranian people are restless, and would welcome a new government friendly to the West. This should have been done before we attacked Iraq and Iraq's change to democracy would have been a lot easier." — Bill (Burlington, MA)

"I wouldn't advise negotiating, I would advise the president to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age, and then see if Iran will volunteer to stop enriching uranium, stop supporting radical Muslim terrorists, and stop sponsoring terrorism. If Iran agrees to those terms, we would quit bombing Iran. I'd also advise the president to secure our borders." — Kevin and Liz (Canton, OH)