Tuesday's Show Highlights

The lovely Martha MacCallum was on again today, fresh off vacation, and did her usual wonderful job filling in for E.D. Hill.

We began the show talking about the possible end of the world theory — which some believe Iran was indicating would be coming today — and ended with their relatively conciliatory tone towards the U.N. Security Council.

Of course you know they are enriching uranium and we'd like them to stop. They say they need it for energy and we don't believe them (who would). Regardless, it looks like we are in another delay of game, and with others like the French saying they are a force for stability in the region, it's hard to think the Security Council will levy sanctions. The beat goes on, but I get the sense we are heading to the finish line. It was Bill Kristol who predicted in our first hour that President Bush would be forced to act militarily before his term is done in '08.

The highlight of today's show for me was volleying with the world's 10th ranked tennis player, Andy Roddick, and getting hit in the shin by Steve Doocy with his 150 mph serve. The runner-up for Tuesday's moment of the week had to be the performance of Midge the drug sniffing dog. The sheriff planted pot in his office and Midge the heralded drug dog walked right by on live TV. Even the sheriff saying, "Get the dope" and pointing under the desk did not jar the animal to the sack. A truly great moment in the war on drugs. Finally, we closed with a song from Billy Ray Cyrus on the rising price of gas. It's a song he wrote while watching FOX News and it's fantastic.

Tomorrow Gretchen Carlson will be spelling for E.D. Pat Buchanan and Patrick McEnroe will be among our guests.

Thanks for watching and keep watching. We need YOU!


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