N.Y. Daily News Editorial Rips Rudy Giuliani

I have no idea if I would be a "Rudy Giuliani for president" or not.

But I know a purely political hit piece when I see one.

It's in The New York Daily News today, and it's called "Time to downsize Rudy 9/11 myth." It runs as an editorial of the newspaper.

It says five yeas after 9/11 Giuliani is a "pop-culture superhero" and has "unabashedly converted 9/11 into wealth, fame and a shot at the White House."

You get the hint they don't like Rudy?

The editorial is based on a new book called "Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11" by Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins.

The authors point fingers at Rudy over his decision to put the city's command center on the 23 floor of 7 World Trade Center when police brass protested. The authors apparently raise the possibility that the 6,000 gallons of fuel for generators for the command center may have destroyed the building.

The authors rework the failure of police and fire radios, the decision to set up separate police and fire command posts on that morning, and the role of Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, who was seen everywhere with Rudy, but not seen running the NYPD. Or so they say.

I hasten to remind people that Rudy wasn't all that well liked before 9/11. He was respected for what he did for New York, but people were cranky about him.

What changed was the leadership he displayed in a true earth-shaking crisis in which Giuliani was making decisions while watching hundreds of people jumping from 100 stories up.

He overcame his own pre-attack mistakes, he overcame the effort of bin Laden et al to kill him and thousands of other New Yorkers, and he led the people here and around the world to see how we would recover from the blow.

Evidently somebody thinks Rudy might be too good a candidate and he needs to be taken down a peg or two.

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