Mindy McCready Withdraws Guilty Plea in Probation Case

Attorneys for country singer Mindy McCready filed a motion Tuesday to withdraw her guilty plea in a probation violation case because of new evidence.

McCready, 30, had pleaded guilty to violating her probation on a drug charge by driving on a suspended license and leaving Tennessee.

But her attorney, Lee Dryer, said Tuesday that the singer's relatives in Florida found a document that showed her license was reinstated the day before she was arrested. Dryer said the new evidence was given to him late Monday night.

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McCready was acquitted in July of drunken driving charges in Davidson County but was found guilty of driving on a suspended license during the May 2005 incident.

Dryer said he will be filing a motion for a new trial in Davidson County based on the new evidence.

Williamson County Judge Jeff Bivins said he would hold off on a decision until Davidson County rules on the matter.

But Bivins said McCready's failure to obtain permission to travel to Florida was still at issue.

Dryer said the out-of-state travel was a misunderstanding between McCready and her probation officer.