Rosie O'Donnell May Have Problems Not Being Boss on 'View'

Since the news broke last spring that "The View" had hired Rosie O'Donnell to co-host, the question was: Who would show for work, good Rosie or bad Rosie?

If Rosie's own blog is any indication - her co-hosts should start heading for the hills now.

O'Donnell has seen herself in the first commercials promoting the new "View" cast - and already she hates that she is not in charge of the Barbara Walters-produced morning program, according to one of her latest postings on

"i saw the new view promos," she wrote in the eccentric, all-lowercase, poetry-style she uses.

"found myself

in the position

i loathe most


"it will be hard 4 me

2 not b

the boss

it is already

and we have only just begun"

O'Donnell is set to debut on the show Sept. 5, and the fact that she has already begun to complain about her power position may not sit well with Walters, who is the show's creator and owns a 50-percent stake in the program.

In truth, "The View" has lived off the controversy and on-screen energy of clashing personalities and headbutting among its co-hosts.

But two weeks before she even begins, O'Donnell is telling fans that she is unhappy that she is not running the show - which may be a first in the nine-year history of "View" bellyaching.

O'Donnell did not say what made her feel "powerless" about the promos, which show her clearly part of an ensemble cast, sitting on one end of the familiar "View" panel with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and Walters.

Oddly, Rosie has said in interviews that she was looking forward to joining the show because, for once, she "didn't want to drive the bus."

Meanwhile, Rosie also weighed in a short time later about how grateful she is that she will not have to grapple with fired co-host Star Jones.

In a blog entry dated Saturday night - after she lost the best documentary Emmy for her HBO special about a gay-family cruise ship, "All Aboard" - O'Donnell wrote that she had been approached on the red carpet by a tabloid TV show:

"access hollywood

asked if i was happy

star was gone

b4 i could reply he added

- i would have loved 2 c u 2 go at it


"it would not have been fun for me

fighting everyday

life is 2 short."