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Today, every newscast on every news channel will feature pictures of John Mark Karr, onboard a Los Angeles-bound jetliner, luxuriating in business class. The New York Post had the best headline about his trek: their front page featured his picture with a headline that blared, "Snake on a Plane."

We understand that Karr watched a Tom Cruise movie on the long flight and at one point clinked his champagne glass with the orange-juice-only-mocktail belonging to an investigator from the Boulder's District Attorney's office who was traveling alongside him.

During the course of the flight Mr. Karr dined on pate and prawns and washed it down with champagne, a lovely French chardonnay and finally an ice cold beer. While Mr. Karr was not officially in the custody of the Boulder D.A., was that a smart thing for the investigator sitting next to him to allow? Mr. Karr's already made a bunch of incriminating statements on camera, he seems to be willing to discuss the case, so why not get him a little tipsy and then let him spill his guts?

On Monday morning, our Question of the Day was this: "Party on the Plane: Brilliant or brainless?"

Your responses were varied, here's a sample.

Judy wrote: "It was brilliant to give Karr liquor, nice food, conversation, singing, etc., since it would encourage him to talk and that information could be used in court since he was not technically under arrest yet."

Jason wrote: "The wine etc. was brainless. One: because who paid the bill? U.S. tax dollars. Two: a good defense lawyer is going to argue anything he said is protected because he was not read his rights when in custody and that he was under the influence of alcohol when he made any statements he made during his flight. This guy is a freak and I do not believe he is the murderer of JonBenet."

Shane wrote: "I just hope Karr's comments were recorded!"

Alicia wrote: "How is it possible that a person who is arrested for the murder of this little girl and is being returned to the state where he will go on trial allowed to drink any alcohol? He is in the custody of law enforcement while being returned to Colorado! Not to mention, he was on suicide watch and was considered a flight risk! This is a legal no-no!"

Terry wrote: "Karr was not handcuffed and could drink on the plane because he was not under arrest until he reached L.A.. Karr was deported from Thailand and the men with him were only escorting him."

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