N.Y. Tenant Jumps to Death After Rent Dispute With Super

A apartment tenant stabbed his building superintendent after being told to pay his rent or move out, then jumped from a third-floor window to his death, according to police and witnesses.

The superintendent, Andres Bautista, said Sebastian Catalan punched him and then stabbed him in the stomach.

After the attack, Catalan returned to his apartment and tried to escape out a window as police cars approached the building, officers said.

Witness LaShawn Richardson said she saw him jump, possibly aiming for a nearby tree, but that he instead hit a barbed-wire fence and then the ground. Catalan, 27, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bautista, 35, speaking from his hospital bed, said the two men and others had been together for several hours at the building in the East New York section of Brooklyn. He said the violence broke out after he told Catalan that his 18-year-old brother would have to pay rent or move out.

Police said Bautista's injuries were not life-threatening.