John Mark Karr: Killer or Kook?

John Mark Karr, suspected in the killing of 6-year-old Colorado beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, spent the night in a high-security cell awaiting an extradition hearing after being detained from his flight from Thailand. Authorities in Colorado said Karr was expected to face an extradition hearing in Los Angeles within days, and would be taken to Colorado if he waived extradition. No hearing date was immediately set. Read more.

Timeline: The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Investigation

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“They do have their man. I think we will learn that this sick man did it.” — Wanda (Rome, GA)

“I believe that investigators are a pathetic lot. It has been so long with no real information. This is grasping at grasped straws!” — Fran (Dallas, TX)

“I am not sure if they have JonBenet’s killer or not. I will let a judge and jury decide.” — Kip (Boston, MA)

“Karr is no killer, but certainly is a kook. I think we will never know what happened to that girl. I just pray for her family and now that she is resting in peace and is now in a much better place.” — Henry (San Diego, CA)

“Karr is a killer and a kook. He is guilty in some way. If he even slightly participated he is a killer. Anyone who has hindered the investigation, in my mind, took part in that poor girl’s death.” — Janie (Mill Hall, PA)

“It is hard to say if investigators have her killer. We have to let the police do their job. Many folks like their few minutes of fame, but then again, he might be a murderer. We’ll have to wait and see what is reviled without jumping to conclusions.” — Thomas (Salt Lake City, UT)

“No! He used his knowledge of the case from research he did for a book and was hoping to be extradited to the U.S. In my opinion, he wanted to beat that rap in the U.S., rather than be convicted of other child sex charges and serve time in Thailand.” S.C. (Philadelphia, PA)

“This man is looking for attention and notoriety. They have the wrong person.” — Jim (Telluride, CO)

“I think the Boulder officials have goofed again. Why didn't they just inform the California authorities where this guy was, and have them bring him back? This would have given them more time to investigate while they knew he wasn't going anywhere.” — Jay (Akron, OH)

"Karr confessed because he is scared to remain in Thailand, not because he is guilty. I believe he is trying to get extradited home to the states to avoid something or someone there." — Dave (Texas)

"I will wait to hear more evidence, but I do not believe that this guy is guilty. I think he wants publicity and that he is mentally ill." — M

"With all the things Karr has been saying, it's not a stretch to believe he didn't do it. But, on the other hand what if he did kill her? What if he is saying these things to set himself up for the insanity plea?" — Stephen (Red Lion, PA)

"Yes, I think Karr did it and never really suspected JonBonet's family." — H.C.

"In response to your question of John Karr, I suspect he's a kook. I don't think he killed JonBenet, but I think he believes he did. His arrest, whether proven to be linked to the Ramsey case or not, may have identified and removed (at least temporarily) from society of another potential pedophile." — Heather

"Do I think it is him? No, I don't. But let's stop persecuting the Ramseys." — Victoria (Phoenix, AZ)

"No, I do not think Karr is the killer. With all we know so far it does not add up. The answer is in the DNA and handwriting comparisons." — Sherry

"I'm sure that the police and the FBI have a lot more information than has been made public, so they must have reason to believe Karr committed the murder. Otherwise, why publicize it like this, only to have the chance for it to backfire on them yet again?" — Sara (California)

"I don't think Karr is JonBenet's killer, although he seems creepy enough to have been. She was murdered 10 years ago and he might have convinced himself that he did in fact only 'accidentally' kill her, as he puts it. I'm sure there is more to the investigation, but he just seems to be so obsessed with the idea of JonBenet that the only way for him to actually be connected with her, is to be her killer." — Sheena (Miami, OK)

"At this point, I don't know if Karr was involved. Now isn't the time to jump to any conclusions. The key will be the DNA tests that I'm sure will be performed once Karr gets back to this country." — Eric (Orlando, FL)

"I understand there is DNA evidence that law enforcement couldn't match with anyone before. It should tell us the story about Karr." — W.E.A. (Bismarck, ND)

"Yes, I do!" — Bill

“I feel that the suspect's confession is too clean and staged. I think he was forced to come forward in this case to divert the attention to himself and cover the real killer's tracks.” — Deshawn