Colonels' Corner: Get Your Priorities Straight!

Col. David Hunt
August 18, 2006

Israel is still in Lebanon, and Hezbollah is more powerful, thanks to Israel's lack of resolve and our pitiful support. More roadside bombs were exploded in Iraq in July than in any month since we invaded almost four years ago. More than 3,000 Iraqi civilians were killed last month in Iraq — that is more than 100 a day. Iraq is in the middle of a civil war, not sectarian violence. Hell, I don't even know what sectarian violence is, but I do know — and so should you — what a civil war looks like, and that is Iraq. Over 2,300 American soldiers have been killed or wounded there, and that count is still getting worse. We are flat in the middle of a bloody war with terrorism. We have just witnessed how vulnerable we still are, based on the most recent London "liquid bomb" scare.

However, such mundane subjects as terrorism and war are not on the front pages or in the news today, no sir. What we care about now, what we will be treated, to is the revisiting (the constant yelling and confusion created by lawyers and experts talking about), the conjecturing about another blonde, this time about a dead 6-year-old beauty queen from Colorado, or last week, about a famous actor who gets drunk and says bad things. You have got to be kidding me! Of course it was and still is tragic for the Ramsey family, but come on. How do we square this round peg? How did we get so off track? How can we spend even a moment of our national time on this?

I am suggesting that we have lost our focus and our resolve when it comes to the war on terror. How else can we explain the national frenzy, the news, and the supposedly smart lawyers and TV personalities who are mentioning JonBenet or Mel Gibson ahead of the war on terror? You want to know how our government — city, state, and federal — gets away with such massive mistakes and the Katrina response, or the no WMD in Iraq or 9/11? Because we let them! We, the people, do not care, or we care more about missing blondes than our soldiers, or a richer-than-God actor who makes a fool out of himself.

I am telling you all that we will lose this war if we continue to lose our focus. Hezbollah is a powerful political force and terrorist group that basically controls Lebanon. Couple that with Hamas being elected to run Palestine, along with Iran becoming the nastiest player in the Middle East, and we are refusing to deal with it. What about North Korea plopping seven missiles into the Sea of Japan, and we hardly notice? But a slime bucket who may or not have been involved in a murder 10 years ago gets arrested in Thailand, and we go bonkers?

My friends, sit up, push the mashed potatoes away, get off the recliner, throw something, get mad — do anything, but do not sit still for this. We are in a war, and as sad as the case of a murdered child is, it has squat to do with what is truly killing us. I am not saying we should not do everything in our power to protect all children — of course we should — but this is not the way.

The war on terror must be our national focus, our centerpiece, our cup of tea. Shed a tear for JonBenet, help make mandatory laws that put pedophiles away for good — but save your anger and your commitment for the war on terror, or get ready to see our government fail us even more dramatically than it did in Katrina, where we lost over 1,500 lives to a storm, not to Al Qaeda.