Around the House: Window Treatments

Windows can change a room’s ambiance from bright and cheery to dark and sultry with the flick of a switch or a tug on a cord.

New innovations and styles may make the selection process daunting for some homeowners. The Home Depot sheds some light on the hundreds of fabulous styles and materials available.

Whether you're looking to conserve energy, regulate light, increase privacy or just decorate, The Home Depot has a wide variety of window treatments to fit every need and style.

Installation Tips:

Sizes vary, so measure each window individually. Record the width first and height/length second.
Windows are not perfect squares. It’s important to take 3 different measurements for both height and width.
When recording the width, take the shortest width measurement. For length, take the longest measurement.

There are two types of mounts for window treatments: inside and outside mounts.
Inside: Placed inside the window casing and is often less conspicuous
When measuring, do not take deductions. Allowances are made by the manufacturer to ensure a perfect fit.
Outside: placed on window frame so it sticks out. Can block more sunlight. Best if windows are square.
For measurements, manufacturers make NO allowances for an outside mounts.


Roman shades give window a soft, drapery fabric appearance while providing convenience of shades.

Nien Made Grand Estate Blinds Fauxwood Blinds — $19.47-$20.46
Multiple sizes available
Can be cut-to-size in the store
Natural Wood grain texture
Matching 2" Valance
Durable & moisture resistant slats
Child safety cord stops installed
Easy lift gear on blinds 47" and wider, making blind 40% easier to lift

Nepal Natural Bamboo Roman Shade — $22.95
Made of rich mahogany bamboo slats
6" Valance and matching wooden tassels included
All hardware included
Installs in Minutes

Kiawah Natural Bamboo Roman Shade — $19.97
Made of natural bamboo slats in tortoise shell finish
6" Valance and matching wooden tassels included
All hardware included
Installs in Minutes

The Home Depot will be holding a clinic every Thursday in August at 7pm, “How to Measure and Install Window Treatments."

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