Safer to Fly Today?

As the U.S. government continues to adjust the list of things that airline passengers can carry, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff reassured Americans that things would only go so far. Read more.

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FNC wants to know what YOU think — It may be easier to fly, but is it safer today than it was last week?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I think it's safer just because of the recent scare, but it will go right back to being status quo. It really takes something horrible to happen before people change, and even then (i.e. 9/11) it doesn't make an impact. Airport security is pathetic. I know because I fly all the time. I accidentally carried on a Swiss Army knife on my way to Chicago last week. They held up this old man when I was flying to San Francisco who met no profile I could think of." — George (New York, NY)

"Flying is no safer than it was before or after last week. Flying is no safer than it was before or after 9/11. Homeland Security is a joke. Bush's has done nothing to make us safer. He has placed this country in more jeopardy." — Garry (Durham, NC)

"Well, we are a little safer but it won't last. It will take something more tragic before people wake up." — Sarah (San Diego, CA)

"No, things are not safer. Bush has done absolutely nothing to make the airline industry accountable for their pathetic job of security. Further it is amazing that no one has held Bush accountable. He has failed us in so many ways. We are lucky the Brits caught the recent plot. Thank goodness it wasn't up to the inept Bush administration to do anything about it." — Kip (Boston, MA)

"I fly everyday. It is safe. Use common sense people and be vigilant about keeping an eye out. That's all you can do. Live your life or you let the terrorists win." — Tanya (Dallas, TX)

"Having worked in security for years (where rules, rather than reason, prevail) I don't feel comforted by Michael Chertoff's assurances about not going too far. Let's face it, the government usually goes too far and usually does so after the fact. Just think back on the things (like nail clippers) that were banned from carry-on. And now imagine what the TSA will do when some terrorist uses the time tested mode of smuggling within their own body several pounds of high explosives on a plane. It won't be just the soles of your feet they'll be inspecting!" — Edward (Redmond, WA)

"It is safe to fly. It was safe last week and will be for the most part." — Janet (Hershey, PA)

"I guess it is safer. It's time we forget the politically correct, no profiling crap and target those who are cowards and kill innocent people in the name of some religion. I'm disgusted that I have to pack a certain way, lose some of my personal items all because of a bunch of cowards." — Doris

"Safer? I don't know but I'm amazed at the flurry of discarded carry on items on planes. It upsets me that we won't be able to prevent the terrorists from carrying out their plans. I doubt that airports can or will install body scanning devices and of course no body cavity searches will be done." — Chere (Oklahoma City, OK)

"It wasn't really safe before 9/11, considering 9/11 even happened. So yes, it's safer today." — Gary

"I don't think flying is safer today than it was last week. What we see is the extent some people will go to when they're willing to sacrifice their infants to murder innocent victims for their cause." — John (Sturgis, SD)

"Flying today is neither safer nor easier than it was last week. The Department of Homeland Security just wants us to think that it is." — Frank (Plano, TX)

"It appears that it should be safer to fly this week than it was last week, solely on the basis of our awareness of a different methodology for getting explosives aboard. However, the reality of it is that it's never as safe as we'd like to think it is." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"I am sure it is safer to fly, and with the added security, I am satisfied." — Michael (Neosho, MO)

"Flying might become more of a hassle with the added precautions and carry-on restrictions. Yet with these restrictions, flying will most likely become safer." — Mac (Illinois)