Several Chemical-Based Bombs Found at Tennessee Factory

Authorities say several chemical-based bombs were found Wednesday at a manufacturing plant that makes tents for the U.S. military.

No one was hurt at the Camel Manufacturing plant located just outside Jamestown.

The facility was evacuated around 3 p.m., shortly after the bombs were discovered by plant managers, according to Bryan Pyle, a dispatcher with the Fentress County sheriff's office.

Pyle said officials are not sure yet if any bombs exploded. Authorities believe there may have been up to three bombs contained in bottles at the plant.

"It doesn't appear to be any electrically based. It appears to be chemically based," Pyle said.

No one was arrested and there are no suspects though authorities believe a disgruntled employee may have been responsible for the bombs.

Sheriff's deputies, Tennessee Highway Patrol officials and the state's bomb and arson unit are investigating the incident, Pyle said.

Camel Manufacturing has been producing frame-supported lightweight tents for the Department of Defense for nearly 84 years.

The exact nature of the bombs was not known, but bombs can be made from household chemicals mixed to build pressure and explode from their containers.

Eric Kehn, Nashville special agent for the division of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, said the bombs were chemically based.

"They were not your typical pipe bomb or Molotov cocktail," he said.

Jamestown is located about 65 miles northwest of Knoxville.