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Since Monday's blog was so long, I figured I would surrender the blog's real estate today to you. And yes, the e-mails are randomly grabbed to give you an idea of what viewers of our show are thinking and talking about.

So, here are some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

From Monday's e-mails Joyce wrote:
"You wore a blue jacket and yellow blouse the other night. It was really ugly on TV and didn't become you. Don't wear it again."
Hahahahaha! Hey Greta, why don't you just paint a red bulls-eye on your forehead? It'll make it easier for the "whack pack" to take their pot-shots!
Monroe, CT

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
Joyce should just be happy that you get to the scene and do your job. After reading your blog and seeing all the places you end up in, I'm amazed you're able to shower and arrive in something besides your bathrobe. I'd be hiding in bed pretending I didn't hear the phone. You're an attorney and a journalist. I could care less what you wear. Just don't show up naked. That would be a totally different cable channel that I don't subscribe to.
I still think FOX should buy you a plane.
Jennifer Watts
Pahrump, NV

E-mail No. 3

Okay, I have to admit, I was the mean big sister. I was 11 and my sister was 6. One night when my mother had a migraine, I was in charge of clearing the table after dinner and taking care of my baby sister for the night. My sister wanted more iced tea. There was only a couple of swallows left in the pitcher and I didn't want to make more, so I poured it in her glass, added a little dirty dishwater, some hot sauce and whatever else I could find. My sweet sister took a sip and made the most horrible looking face and then said, "Thank you." I asked if she wanted more and she shook her head back and forth frantically and said, "No thank you." That sweet little girl did not want to hurt my feeling by telling me my iced tea was awful. I think she's paid me back over the years by remembering every embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me and telling anyone and everyone who would listen… lol.

E-mail No. 4

Is Monday's E-mail No. 5 supposed to be a joke or is it really from another of those busybodies who think they are qualified to tell you how to dress?

E-mail No. 5

After reading your article on the recent problems in London, I would like to hear your opinion on this point. In your own words, "upon boarding the plane, it was obvious there were several air marshals already on board and I was happy to see them." You state later in the article that we have a serious terrorism problem. Do you not find it a problem that you were easily able to spot the undercover air marshals? Does anyone think that these terrorists might be planning another attack, where they take out these undercover air marshals because they know who they are and where they are sitting? Once this happens they now have weapons to take over a plane and you know what they are capable of. If you or a loved one was on a flight where this happened would you still be so happy to see them? Why does no one in the media address this issue? Have their not been recent concerns about this raised by the air marshals in the media? Do you not think this warrants an immediate probe by the proper authorities? Don't you feel that as a journalist you have an obligation to demand that this situation is once and for all fixed?

ANSWER: I have a different view of it. I think the presence of the marshals SHOULD be known… it is a deterrent. If terrorists know of the strong presence of air marshals on flights, they may be less likely to do the unthinkable. I want all potential terrorists to know that the flights are heavily policed. I don't want to hide the law enforcement -- I want them to know about them.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Y'All,
Am I to understand via the latest news reports that the feds aren't even sure regarding the Mackinac Bridge threat in Michigan? That sounds like good news but damn those feds for scaring the holy crap out of me. Was already paranoid about flying from Orlando to Sault Ste. Marie as I haven't flown in about 23 years (I hate flying) -- when I heard the news about the bridge some of my cousins are taking to get from Saginaw to my cousin who's having the party's house in "the Soo" it damn near put my ass over the edge. If they're not sure about their facts, they need to keep a freakin' lid on it -- I should sue them for mental anguish! Just kidding about suing as I know I can't.
To close, once I SAFELY return home from my mini "vacation" (will take me weeks to get over all this, am frazzled already) there's NO WAY in hell I'm flying again for another 23 years, am driving my Chevy Avalanche to next year's family gathering. My truck's built like a tank, I'll take my chances on the road thank you very much!

E-mail No. 7

I read your blog frequently. I am often amazed to see e-mail from people that are either providing a wardrobe critique or are making rude comments about your wardrobe. I don't understand this at all. I have never once watched anyone on any news program and thought that I should make some [rude] comments about their wardrobe.
Chad Tipps
Dallas, TX

E-mail No. 8

All brothers must read the same manual on how to be mean to sisters! When I was a kid, we were visiting my grandpa in West Virginia and my brother locked me in a shed that had a wasp nest! That was infuriating, but I got back at him by locking him in the outhouse!
Your trip to London sounded incredibly tiring. While you were only allowed to carry on your passport and cash on this trip - I was wondering if you ever have problems with passengers trying to take your picture while traveling? I have this visual image of myself totally exhausted on a long flight, asleep with my mouth hanging open... do your fellow FOX News travel buddies look out for you, to make sure no one snaps a picture? LOL.
Richmond, VA

E-mail No. 9

Dear Greta,
Really enjoyed your blog today about your recent trip. Just seeing you on TV in England surely doesn't tell the whole story of what you experienced! I must say, I had to laugh at the thought of the long lines of plastic bag carrying people! One question, who looks after your precious pets when both you and your husband are gone at the same time? That would worry me, but I am an animal lover. I am the one that has Cricket the dog, that watches you every night on TV. She's a fan of the cocker spaniel persuasion.
I think the security in the England airports sound impressive, and I only hope that the US airports step up and keep up tighter security even after this scare fades. You have to know that these terrorists are not going to give up, they want to kill us all and will keep trying.
One more thing, your outfit looked fine. I am always amazed that people actually email you to tell you about your hair, makeup, clothes, etc. Must be some really bored people in this world! I am usually so engrossed by what you are saying or the story, I really couldn't tell you what you had on!
Hope you get some much needed rest this week. I am always amazed at all the people on FNC and their dedication to keeping us folks informed.
Take care,
Karen Thomas

E-mail No. 10

Hi Greta,
I will join the ridiculous! I liked your yellow blouse and blue jacket. In fact, it looked very nice and I said to myself, "Gee Greta really looks good in those colors!" One man's food is another man's poison.
Take care,
Luv ya too,

E-mail No. 11

Oh my! What a wild program that was. First you get these two lawyers on to tell us something very interesting about Mary Winkler and her abusive husband and not only is Mary mum -- the lawyers are mum. You tried but they just wouldn't talk! How very frustrating. I know you know what it was because it was in the court record. Please find someone who will tell us tomorrow.
Whatever it was, she must have had a very good reason for reacting as she did or they wouldn't even be considering letting her out on bail.
Poor Mary. It is very sad to see someone so intimidated (or brainwashed) that she would try to protect her husband's reputation to the bitter end.
And now we have a replay of the interview with the husband of the murdered real estate lady (sorry I don't remember her name). I've thought there was something odd about him from the beginning. Now I think he did it. Why?
1. The brutality of the crime (crime of passion).
2. This guy's totally odd behavior early on in which he wants to set up a trust fund for the child.
3. His lack of apparent emotion about the whole thing and now
4. The Rolex watch connection. (Thanks for the timely replay of the watch interview!) So the police think there is a connection with the Rolex watch and the murder. Someone wanted to steal the watch so they stabbed her to death? Not likely. More likely he (the ex) was, by bringing this up on TV, providing a theory for the murder. It was just a little too -- rehearsed, like he wanted to make sure he got that in. Why did he need a theory? He did it.
Well, maybe not. But by now I am very suspicious.
Have fun!
Manzanita, OR

E-mail No. 12

Your description of the plastic bag situation in the airport reminds me of the old black and white movie "Snakepit" starring Olivia DeHaviland. The movie was about an insane asylum.
Love your blog.

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