Double Duty for 'FOX NFL Sunday' Crew

What a blast it was to have the brand new "FOX NFL Sunday" team together for the first time on our set! We LOVE James Brown, but how can you not be impressed with Joe Buck? In case you do not know, Joe Buck replaces "J.B." as the anchor and then will go up and join Troy Aikman in the booth after the show. I can't imagine anyone else having the capacity to do both jobs well, but he looks ready to roll.

As for our show, we had a first: For one full segment, we turned our show over to another anchor team. Howie, Terry, Joe and Jimmy took control and interviewed Tiki Barber about his next pre-season game. Plus, what a fun way to end the show: riding the new Segway. If I could pick it up after three minutes, I know you would love it. All you need is five thousand bucks.

We kinda gave you a day off on the Middle East conflict. While still covering it, we did not go wall-to-wall and we'll find out tomorrow how you felt about that. I feel real bad for the soldiers who had to come back from Kuwait and serve another four months in Iraq. You know we at FOX News — and especially "FOX & Friends" — appreciate your service tremendously.

On Wednesday, be sure to watch us one of our guests tell us how to get fit in bed. We have more than that planned, so tune in — we won't let you down!


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