Your Grrrs: Aug. 15, 2006

Here are some responses to my last column ...

Amy in Texas: Thank you for your “Grrr! Who Asked You?” article. I have one child who is about to turn 4. I am so sick of people I work with asking me when my husband and I are going to have another baby, and hearing “You don’t want your son to be an only child, do you?” Or “Oh … you can’t let your son be the only one!” Um ... yes I can … and who are you to judge me? That’s a personal decision between my husband and me. It’s not for others to decide.

Dan D. in Fort Worth, Texas: It’s true that many folks are insensitive and simply say whatever pops into their brain (or their mouth) at any given time. However, like the lady in the elevator who had skin cancer, it’s probably best to just let it slide. Sure, it’s irritating. But what does that get you? The urge to pop someone in the piehole? Count to 10 and let it go. And BTW, to all the folks who complain about all the celebrity-centric news these days: You don’t have to buy the magazines or watch the shows. You have a choice. Stop acting like it’s being shoved down your throat, because it’s still a free country.

Ghosty1 writes: Mike Straka writes "But hey, I keep my mouth shut." Mike, you never keep your mouth shut! You are a professional b-tch columnist! Not only that, but you choose as your column name, the cutting, intriguing name of GRRR. Get a new shtick, PLEASE! Your horrible, inept, infantile, hypocritical diatribes make me much more stupid each time I have the misfortune to stumble across one. It's the literary equivalent of a stubbed toe. Do us all a favor and GO AWAY, NOW! Oblivion indeed, you are in fact, a colonic clown. Have a nice day, coffee nose. Sincerely, a person begging for death as release from Mikey's tripe.

Soooo Ghosty1, does that mean you won't be buying my Grrr! book? Mikey.

Vada G. writes: Mike, an exceptional piece of writing. Wonderful insight into human nature. You have already got it down pretty well on being a better person. That speaks very plainly in your article.

Kathleen writes: I also cannot stand stupid questions from strangers. I am a 6-foot tall woman, and EVERY DAY some idiot asks, “How tall are you?” What gives complete strangers the right to ask about my physical dimensions? I don’t go around asking people their weight, shoe size, cup size or whether they tan or color their hair. A related question is, “Do you play basketball?” Yes, I must surely be skilled at basketball, how clever of you to notice! Fortunately, I don’t have any serious troubles like cancer or infertility, so maybe I am being oversensitive, but it is really Grrr-ing.

Freada from Boynton Beach, Fla.: Here's one for you — I am a grandmother now, but when I was 14 I was in a car accident, and got a 2-inch cut on my right temple that left a scar. I've never been sensitive about it. Good thing! I cannot begin to tell you how many times total strangers have asked me 'Where did you get that scar on your face?' How RUDE!

Cali from Kansas: I was walking through the grocery store with my son and a lady comes up and talks about how cute he is, then she asked when I was going to have another one just like him. I had just miscarried 3 days before, that trip being my first out of the house after crying non- stop the whole time, and it took everything I had in me to not start bawling again in the store. She didn't mean anything by it, but people who don't know just need to mind their own business.

Sandra in Florida: When I was younger, my elders taught me that discussing one's salaries, finances or spending is vulgar, completely disrespectful and irresponsible. Why do today's parents not have the same moral fiber (or backbone) to pass on to their children? Grrrrrrrrr ...

Sharon M. writes: I can really relate to the unsolicited questions (including ones about why I'm so pale and when were we going to start a family). Ironically, it seems that the very people who do not hesitate to ask you anything about your personal life are the very ones that bristle when you ask them anything!

Mary G. writes: Try being an overweight person. People ask me questions like I have no idea I am fat. What do they think I see in the mirror? And God bless Nicole Kidman who made white skin fashionable again for all us skin cancer people who do not tan, thank you very much.

Mom in W. Va. writes: Mike, I get the opposite of the poor couple who don't have many kids and suffer everyone's opinion with my four and one due for debut in November. It's:
"Wow, so how many ARE you gonna have??"
"Whoa, I had my two and I am done!"
My favorite though has got to be when women begin describing all the different types of contraception available. Happens mostly at Wal-Mart and church!

MC writes: It is when those oblivious people always have to ask me, “So why aren’t you married yet,” “When are you getting married," “Why hasn’t he asked you yet”? GRRR… Obviously whenever he decides to ask me, that’s when! Maybe I don’t want to get married; maybe I want to go on being a “sinner”! I can’t seem to find the niceness in me, and I don’t have teeth left to grind when asked this question, and I am out of cringes. I have now in response asked, “I don’t know, when are you getting divorced?” Not nice, but they started it. Please remind me again that I am STILL not engaged, thanks a lot, morons.

M. Romero writes: Dear Sir, every time I read your stuff I'm amazed ... are you watching me from a satellite or something? You should come spend a day with me Obliviot-watching. The wealth of ignorance is astounding!!!! Then we could go driving around looking at Oblivion city projects ... like the road to my house blocked off for no apparent reason ... or the city road crews tearing up roads they just finished re-paving (two-year-long project) so they can fix the sewer pipes ... then they will repave it ... then they will tear it up again to fix something else underneath the paving!!!

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