Israeli Airstrike Hits Building in Gaza Strip, 8 Wounded

An Israeli airstrike late Monday completely destroyed an empty house in the Jebaliya refugee camp, witnesses said. The strike targeted a command center for the Islamic Jihad militant group, the army said.

Palestinian officials said the house was empty, having been evacuated two days before when Israeli officials called the residents and told them a strike was imminent. Eight people were wounded in the attack, two moderately, hospital officials said. Many of the wounded were bystanders, though the house's owner and his wife and children were outside the building during the attack and were wounded as well, hospital officials said.

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Israel has been waging an offensive in Gaza since Hamas-backed militants captured an Israeli soldier in a June 25 cross border raid. They fight against Islamic militants expanded to a second front on July 12, when Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon captured two other Israeli soldiers in a raid.

The cease-fire that took hold Monday morning in southern Lebanon did not apply to Gaza. The ongoing fighting with the Palestinians did not seem likely to damage the truce in Lebanon, at least for now.

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