Dog Days Are Long Gone

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Hey, whatever happened to the dog days of summer? You know, when nothing was going on and it stayed that way until the country deposited its children in school and the new television season started? Those days are long gone. In our shop, the new TV season is everyday and, as we've seen already in the last month, a lot of big news happens during these days when we should be slathering SPF-300 all over our pale parts as we luxuriate by the pool.

What this means for you the viewer, is that you're able to see news from the Mideast and London all as it's happening live. What it means for people in the news business is that when it "hits the fan" sometimes vacations vaporize faster than you can say, "When's the next flight to Heathrow?"

Tony Blair may not have changed his travel plans, but so many of our producers and hosts and behind the scenes personnel have, so that we could bring you the stories of the summer live from faraway places. I just wanted to give them a shout out for once again making their journalism jobs a priority, even when they've got tickets for their families to go fun places where they might wear a dopey hat or at least drink a beverage with an umbrella in it.

That's the nature of our business: When a big story happens, we all want to be able to bring our viewers the story as it happens and conversely the viewer want us to be there because they've grown accustomed to our faces. And that is a proven fact, as our ratings for FOX News Channel were across the board better than the other channels. And for that let me give a heartfelt thanks to all of you who watch.

Have a great day, and we'll see you in the morning!

Steve Doocy
(Vacationed in June)

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