Ariel Sharon's Condition Worsens, According to Hospital

Ariel Sharon's condition has deteriorated, according to the hospital where the ailing former prime minister is being treated.

A new brain scan showed a deterioration in his brain function, his urine output has decreased significantly and a chest scan showed that he had a new infection, according to Anat Dolev, spokeswoman for the Chaim Sheba Medical Center.

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Dolev wouldn't say whether Sharon's life was in danger.

Sharon, 78, has been in a coma since suffering a massive stroke Jan. 4. He underwent several, extensive brain surgeries to stop cerebral hemorrhaging, in addition to other, more minor procedures.

After spending months in the Jerusalem hospital where he was initially treated, Sharon was transferred to the long-term care facility at Sheba hospital in May.

Sharon was rushed to the intensive care unit of the hospital on July 26 to undergo dialysis because his kidneys were failing. Hospital officials said they also noticed changes in his brain membrane.

Sharon, Israel's most popular politician, had a small stroke in December and was put on blood thinners before suffering the severe brain hemorrhage in January. The Israeli leader underwent several, extensive brain surgeries to stop the bleeding, and many independent experts doubted he would recover.