Woody Allen Awarded $95,000 From Ex-Producer Jean Doumanian

Woody Allen can take his old producer's money and run, a Manhattan judge has ruled.

In a decision made public Thursday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Bernard Fried awarded the director's company $95,000 in legal fees from his former producer, Jean Doumanian.

The longtime partners' 2001 falling-out had resulted in Allen's Moses Productions filing a $14 million lawsuit against Doumanian's Sweetland Films.

Doumanian stood accused of cheating Allen out of money from eight movies and of giving him false and misleading information. The case was settled in 2002 for about $7 million, but this year they clashed over the editing of their movies for TV and airplanes. A judge sided with Doumanian in that spat but with Allen in the cash clash.

The judge ordered Doumanian to pay Allen $48,000 in legal fees and found Sweetland in contempt for failing to put money in escrow. He told the company to pay Allen another $47,000 in fees.