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Chris Wallace
Sunday, August 13, 2006


For the latest findings from the investigation, ramifications for the war on terror and the safety of commercial flights, we will be joined by Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)

British and U.S. officials landing a significant victory this week as they foiled an advanced plan to detonate up to 10 planes flying from England to the United States. But the investigation is not over as the threat level for commercial flights from Britain remains “severe,” and authorities around the world continue to round up suspects and search for ties to al-Qaeda. The terrorist tactics have also led to significant changes in what travelers will be able to bring aboard flights for the foreseeable future. How close were the conspirators to executing the plan and where does the US. stand in the war on terror? We will discuss the latest with Secretary Chertoff and Rep. Hoekstra.

Then, we will have the first live Sunday show interview with Ned Lamont, the man who caused a political earthquake in Connecticut this week. State Democrats voted Tuesday to nominate Lamont to replace former Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee and three-term Senator Joe Lieberman. But Lieberman has opted for a rematch and is now running as an independent for a second chance at keeping his seat. With Lamont calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq and Lieberman saying the U.S. should stay the course, what does this week’s vote say about Democratic views and public sentiment about the war? For answers, we will ask the man who caused the state known as the “land of steady habits” to change its routine.

Our FOX News Sunday panel will then provide its analysis of the developments in the war on terrorism and the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. The Sunday panel will include Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, NPR Senior National Correspondent Juan Williams, nationally syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and NPR Correspondent Elizabeth Shogren.

Finally this week, our power player of the week: Lt. Col. Barbara Springer, the chief of physical therapy at Walter Reed Medical Center, who puts the bodies and spirits of U.S. veterans from Iraq back together.

So check your local listings and we'll see you on the next FOX News Sunday,

Chris Wallace