Your Grrrs: Aug. 10, 2006

Here are some of your responses to my last column...

Yvette D. writes: The statements you made in last three paragraphs put in print a much needed, deeper approach to the one-sighted condemnation of Mel Gibson by the public. We are a cynical lot that tends to get off on rebuking others for their mistakes/sins, drunken or otherwise. Unfortunately, we do this without acknowledging the bigger picture, to recognize that within each of us there exists failure, forgiveness and a soulful obligation to make ourselves better. That is the challenge God has set forth. Forget about Mel. What about us? Bravo.

Gary H. writes: Grrr! I have a new one for you … or maybe this is old to some, but why is it that the American public at large canNOT think critically for themselves? I mean, if I have to hear another person talk about how dumb President Bush is or how much better any one political candidate is than another without being able to tell me why that is, I'm going to … nah, forget it. I don't want to move to another country. I want Americans to start critically analyzing the data they ingest. Wake up! The media is always slanted to one agenda or another. For those who care, President Bush graduated from Yale. That in itself should be impressive as I know the percentage of Americans who can say they graduated from an Ivy League school is far lower than the percentage who think they are smarter than he is. While we are at it, the next time a political wannabe comes on the boob-tube and tells you he/she should represent you in government because of what the other candidate can or can't do, try asking the political wannabe to explain what they can do for you and what they stand for instead of what the other can't do for you and what the other stands for.

Marlin in Tampa, Fla., wishing me the best: Mike, perhaps you are in the wrong line of work if you are so sensitive about the goings-on of celebrities, which would include articles about people who had recently seen Suri Cruise. People are fascinated about celebrities the world over. It’s just part of life -- nothing to get upset about. You remind me of my junior high coach, who was definitely one of those angry guys. Boy, could he get overwrought! While I was in high school, a year later, he died of a brain hemorrhage while coaching a volleyball game. You should think about that. Take it easy, guy.

From Jack in L.A.: Mike, here in L.A we are privileged ... and get "star sightings" all the time.
I even went to Vegas where I saw Elvis, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Maybe the Cruise Family should move there, as well. They would be closer to all those spooky UFOs and ... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Sgt. G. writes: My Grrr is all the so-called Iraq war experts who say we are not wanted in Iraq. Or the people on the street that get interviewed saying we are killing innocent people. Does everyone just repeat what they see on the news? Seems to me the only people qualified to say whether we should be there or not and if it's working are the ones who have been there. If you haven't been there then you don't know jack ... so shut up.

Ira Lee responds to this line in my last column: "I'm sure once he releases the family portrait, it will be so overexposed that you'll wish he would go away again." Not if the lighting is right, Mike.

Kevin H. writes: Somebody please explain to me why I am supposed to care! As I go through the checkout stand, I’m told I’m supposed to care about how Jen is doing; how Star was snubbed; how Brad and Miss Lips are fighting; and now TomKatSuri? It is exhausting! Whose pregnancy do I need to worry about; who’s stepping out on who? Who are these people and why are they supposed to be important to me? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

H. H. writes: What is so amazing is people's fascination with celebrities and our dependence on being "in the know." I mean, we have freakin' made tabloids go color, as they block our exits from groceries like a football player ... and forget watching anything on TV from 7-9 but "Entertainment Tonight," "Access Hollywood" and other worthless Hollywood BS News. GET A LIFE. If people would concentrate more on what matters most we would all live in a better world. By the way, I wonder why there is so much instability and trouble with celebrities. Tom and Katie are so happy ... but they can't divorce until they get married, right?

Lynn R. writes: When you said the second coming of baby Jesus you had a screw loose. GRRRRR. When Jesus returns he’ll be an adult -- just so you know.

Hodge J. writes: My Grrr goes out to those individuals who don’t turn on their headlights when it’s raining. I’m not talking about a slight drizzle. I’m talking about when it’s raining so hard you can barely see 3 feet in front of you. The law says that headlights must be on in inclement weather. When your windshield wipers are on the highest setting and you still can’t see, that’s inclement weather.

Rick C. writes: Who cares about what is going on in Hollywood. We rent the movies, but we don't live the life. It is entertaining to see a character save the world, but the actor is nonetheless human. Love is perfect in the movies, but real life includes the word "divorce." Who Cares! If the ongoings in Hollywood don't impact our daily lives, then why do we give them such credence? Can we move on to a little more reality?

J Westfall in Manhattan, Kan.: There's a difference between causation and correlation. It's very easy to prove correlation, and that ease is all too often exploited by the media. When a recent study in the August issue of Pediatrics finds that kids who are sexually active have a higher tendency to posses music with "dirty" lyrics, they're merely finding a correlation between the kids' activities and what music they have. Proving that the music caused the sexual activities is a whole different process that really has no meaning at all, since there's no way to prove such a thing. The choices we make in life are influenced by the entire library of our experiences and input. To say that hearing a song with lyrics about sex leads to a child having sex is far oversimplifying what happens. It's akin to saying that if you played lots of songs about scoring touchdowns in football, your child will be more likely to score touchdowns. Just because you can find correlations between A and B doesn't mean that A caused B. Perhaps the type of child who will engage in sexual activity even after being told not to just naturally seeks out dirty entertainment material. And perhaps the type of parent who would play lots of songs about scoring touchdowns is also the type to get their child interested in football, thereby establishing what will eventually be a correlation between the touchdowns those children will score and the music that they heard. It just won't be the cause.

Gary in Jacksonville: “It’s the show-within-a-show that forms the basis of Aaron Sorkin’s attempt to put most of the “West Wing” cast into a new series on NBC. NBC has essentially allowed Sorkin to make a show about Michaels’ show” (quote from Roger Friedman’s Fox411 08/07 article). This Grrr is about Hollywood’s apparent lack of new creative ideas, to the point where the “powers that be” are creating shows about shows about shows. What gives? Add to this all the remakes Hollywood is churning out and it’s to the point where I’d rather watch the original with talented actors instead of a modern-day cheap imitation (that’s not cheap) played by shallow wannabes. I know there must be thousands of creative artists out there dying to pitch their projects and ideas to someone in Hollywood who has the wherewithal to provide us with something new and creative. Apparently that would not be Aaron Sorkin or his ilk. Too bad.

Randy in Orlando: A big Grrr! to the cell phone obliviot in Home Depot Friday afternoon. This guy was standing at the self check-out with one item talking on a hands free cell phone instead of using the machine while four people were waiting behind him! So I politely asked him if he was going to use it, at which point I thought I was going to have to defend myself! He was vertically challenged and obviously suffers from short man syndrome as he makes up for it with an oversized chip on his shoulder!

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