Changing the Channel

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Hope you had a terrific weekend and are ready for another week of cable-casting!

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Colorado to visit with some of my Kansas friends and I noticed something important: Of all the televisions on in the Colorado Springs airport, the only news channel anybody was watching... was FOX News! Even though I wasn't on "FOX & Friends" that day, I watched Brian, Alisyn and Judge Napolitano taking care of the crowd on FOX Fan Friday. I also saw Judge Napolitano apparently drink a beer on live television. Next time I see him, I've got to ask him... if he has another.

Ten years ago when you'd travel through an airport or past an appliance store window, or a hotel lobby, the LAST channel you'd see on the television was FOX News. That's because we were just starting — because we were on in so few homes, not that many people had even heard of FOX News. But then over the years — and after covering every big story of the last decade — people started noticing our shows and realized they didn't have to go to the antique networks for their news, it was in fact right there on FOX!

Nowadays, I see FOX News on instead of all the other channels EVERYWHERE! During the summer when we have so many visitors from out of town stop by our windows, occasionally some will complain, "My hotel doesn't have FOX!" then of course I'll just tell them to leave the hotel and sleep on the granite in front of our building near our Jumbotron. So far none has opted for the granite bed, but they do show up early and watch the show from outside the building. In reality, watching the televisions on our building give them a better view than actually looking in the windows. There's only so much of the back of our heads that any sane person can take. Look! Steve has split ends!"

FOX is not however on in every single building in America — yet. So here's my suggestion: If you go someplace and they've got a television and it's tuned to another channel, when in fact you'd like to watch FOX News, just ask if the person with the controller will allow you to change the channel. Nine out of 10 times they'll say, "Sure!" After all they are businesses and they like to keep their customers happy. But for the hardliners who won't change their channel from where it's parked, there's an easy remedy: Just sing FOX News theme songs off-key until they beg you to stop. Start with a medley of Cavuto, Greta and Gibson and then bring it home with a stanza of Shep and O'Reilly and then a big finish that you've heard a million times on our show... the "FOX & Friends" theme!

E-mail me with stories about how you've asked to change the channels and what happened, I'm interested in hearing them!

Have a great day, see you in the morning,

Steve Doocy

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