Gov. Schwarzenegger to Play 80-Year-Old Pingpong Champ

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to play an 80-year-old pingpong champion who said he would donate to the Republican's re-election campaign only if he agreed to a match.

"He should practice a bit," said Byng Forsberg, who has won nearly every table tennis trophy available to the senior set. "It'd be nice to have the ball go back and forth a few times."

The former owner of a pest control company responded to a fundraising letter, offering his support with the challenge.

Forsberg said he was not intimidated at the thought of playing the 59-year-old Schwarzenegger, whose competitive drive is legendary.

The governor is well-versed in the game, having played it with his children at home, said Matt David, Schwarzenegger's campaign spokesman.

"We might have to have a weightlifting contest afterward so the governor can redeem himself," David said.

No date for the match has been set.