Calif. Elementary School Teacher Admits Molesting More Than 100 Students

A substitute elementary school teacher was charged with lewd and lascivious acts involving a 10-year-old girl, and police said he claimed to have molested more than 100 students.

Eric Norman Olsen, 28, told detectives Friday that he molested between 100 and 200 elementary school students since becoming a teacher three years ago, said police Detective Diane Galindo. He was scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 8.

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A phone number for Olsen's residence could not be located. It was not immediately clear whether he had an attorney.

The probe began on June 13 after a male student allegedly witnessed Olsen molest the 10-year-old girl and told school officials, Galindo said. Olsen did not have a criminal background.

Police were asking the public to help identify whether there were other possible victims by contacting local police or school districts.