Handling Chavez

Anti-U.S. leaders Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met in Tehran on Saturday, pledging mutual support for one another, state media reported.

Following talks, Chavez pledged that his country would "stay by Iran at any time and under any condition," state television reported. Ahmadinejad said he saw in Chavez a kindred spirit.

"I feel I have met a brother and trench mate after meeting Chavez," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by state-run television. "We think Iran and Venezuela should share all experiences of each other, stay by each other and they have to be supporters of each other." Read more.

If YOU were president, how would you handle Hugo Chavez's overtures to Iran?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I wouldn’t do anything. His oil production is dropping, his facilities for producing oil are declining, and his research is out the window. I would just let him hurt himself." — Bob

"Chavez seems to be arming to spread his 'revolution' all across South America. We need to let the citizens of Venezuela know that we totally support their democracy, despite their leader’s rhetoric, but we will not allow any country in South America to be attacked by another Castro wannabe." — Bill (Albuquerque, NM)

"The U.S. needs to start minding its own business and stop being the world bully. As long as the U.S. is a country that loves to push its weight around, there will never be peace in the world." — Ed

"I would halt all aid to Venezuela and I would quietly notify Chavez that any further overtures to Iran will result in the transfer of our Venezuelan oil purchases to other countries and a large increase in import duties for all shipments from his country." — Stephen (Henderson, NV)

"I would send a message to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reminding him that Dictator Chavez is not a Muslim. I would then send a message to Chavez asking when and why he converted to Islam." — Kelly

"I would say it's time for an Organization of American States summit, and we should try to bury the hatchet with Chavez. Those who say we should quit buying their oil need to wake up — there are already others lining up to buy it." — Trey (Virginia)

"The sooner the U.S. becomes independent of Iran and Chavez, the easier it will be to stand strong. We need to open up Alaska and offshore oil fields, build new refineries, and sink our money into new technology. We can’t afford to be dependent any longer." — John (California)

"We cannot afford an Iran in our hemisphere. Word needs to get to Chavez that he and his government will be taken down if he aligns his country with Iran, or any other rogue state. While a country's sovereignty should be respected, that only pertains to its internal impact, not when it comes to worldwide terror." — Ron (Knoxville, TN)

"I would sponsor a U.N. resolution stating that Venezuela is a supporter of state-sponsored terrorism. I would also end any Western purchases of oil from Venezuela, and blockade any oil shipments heading toward Iran." — Allan

"I think the best course is for the United States to completely ignore Chavez. Ignoring him will probably make him absolutely crazy." — Randolph

"We must invest in alternative fuels. If Brazil can do it, why can't we? Iran and Chavez now they have us over a barrel. Until we can produce our own energy, we are hostage to them." — Monique

"Since Chavez is leveraging Venezuela’s future on its oil, distancing his country from democracy, and now apparently aligning with a terrorist state, the U.S. should sponsor a U.N. resolution to sanction Venezuela as a sympathizer of state-sponsored terrorism." — Michael

"I would place an immediate embargo on all petroleum products coming into the U.S. from Venezuela." — Jim (Birmingham, AL)

"Give Iran 30 days to dismantle the nuke program. If they don't, we should destroy as much of their military and industrial capability as possible." — Bob (Adrian, MO)

"I would make sure that Chavez does not get any aid from the U.S. I would also prohibit travel to Venezuela and triple tax on any U.S. companies that operate there." — Ray (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

"I would declare war on Iran. They have killed, and supported others that killed, Americans." — Charles

"I would immediately put Chavez on the list of terrorists and block imports/exports from his country." — Cortney

"I would not tolerate Chavez. He is a very dangerous man. He may appear harmless, but he is a real threat not only to America but to the entire civilized world!" — Leonard

"Hugo Chavez is clearly a threat to humanity and not only the United States. He is a willing fighter, and he is pumping up his military to show it. The U.S. will eventually have to confront him and it would be better sooner than later. Using the typical methods, like embargos, is useless. Simply looking the other way is not going to solve the problem, just as it has not solved it in Cuba since the 1960s. As high ranking members of the U.S. government become richer from their investments in the Venezuelan petroleum business, it's clear that no action will be taken. We should be taking this man seriously as to his hate towards the west is serious. As president, I would do something about him without further delay. The world does not need another enemy of democracy, nor does the United States; we have enough people hating us already. I would take him out." — Jerry (Florida)

"Chavez is insane. He belongs in a mental institution or in the ground where he can do no harm!" — Walter (Bismarck, ND)

"We need to end the control of our country by environmental extremists. Drill for oil everywhere, build nuclear plants, and continue to seek alternatives." — Jerry (Vine Grove, KY)

"I would not acknowledge Chavez with a response, short of a missile if need be. We do not need his oil and we sure do not need him as an ally." — Lee (Louisville, KY)

"I would place an oil embargo against Venezuela. No one else can use their heavy crude without our refineries or refining technology. So if we stop buying Venezuelan oil we cut off Chavez's only real source of power the money he is getting form the U.S." — Oliver (Picayune, MS)

"I would send Hugo Chavez a brand new Rolls Royce in hopes that it would bring some sort of reconciliation." — Robert (Wellington, KS)

"I would take Chavez's overtures to Iran very seriously. Chavez is looking to associate with anti-American countries like Iran. The president needs to play hardball with negotiations involving Chavez." — Jim (Georgia)

"I would move in the same direction as with Brazil. I would work for a comprehensive energy policy using alternative fuel sources such as ethanol, biodiesel, methane, or coal. I would work with Congress to end corporate welfare for big oil, and extend the subsidies to alternative energy. Only when we can ruin the terror/oil connection will we silence the likes of Chavez." — Arthur (Lake Oswego, OR)

"I would point out that Venezuela appears consistently in last place of world competitiveness in all aspects of management and productivity. A country with so much revenue and natural resources only has such poor handling as a result of ignorance of the general population." — Susan (Houston, TX)

"Chavez is buddying up with Iran to get under the skin of the U.S. We can't do much to stop their dealings, but the Bush administration should label Venezuela as a terrorist-supporting country." — Jason (Kansas City, MO)

"I would quit buying oil from Venezuela. It might be tough on economy, but we need to put the hurt on Chavez." — Ron (Duncan, OK)

"I would stress that what Chavez and the Iranian Mullah's have most in common is the repression of their people. In both cases, the oil wealth is being lavished upon weapons programs instead of promoting the health, well-being and freedom of their people. Likewise, Chavez had better watch out. Were the Islamic fascists to continue to gain power, they would one day give Mr. Chavez the choice between bowing to radical Islam or to losing his head." — Chuck (Fulks Run, VA)

"Invite him to Washington for frank talks!" — Richard

"If I had to contend with today's issues at the presidential level, I would start by adding Venezuela to one of countries who are part of the Axis of Evil. With that being said, treading lightly would be my next suggestion to the South American country. Chavez, if it is a political fight you want, then let’s have it. If it is a military fight you want, then lets have it. The days of dictators trying to influence world opinion with military rhetoric are over ladies and gentleman. No more will homicidal dictators attempt to dissuade the righteous in the journey to peace and happiness." — David

"What can the President do? We’re talking about the world's top oil producers in the World. We are possibly headed for a major gas crisis. These countries know this. I can only hope that these countries will change their demeanor when the Cowboy at the helm is replaced by someone less likely to wield the sword and uses real diplomacy to create better relationships with these countries." — Stan (Philadelphia, PA)

"Chavez is another terrorist just like his counter part in Iran. Having said this, we cannot make any positive impact on terrorism unless we deal with the regime in Iran.This is the single most crisis facing free world today." — Mansoor

"I would do whatever was necessary to forbid oil purchases from Venezuela by any company in the United States and I would prosecute violators without mercy. Hugo Chavez is only a problem so long as he has a large stream of revenue. Mind you, this is also true of many other countries. Beyond this I would proceed to work with congress to develop a truly comprehensive energy policy that further weans us off of crude oil and cleans up the environment. Yes, that would mean building nuclear power plants." — Wanda

"I would invest heavily to alternative fuel. Mostly, it would be bio-diesel from algae (algae farms), something that could be achieved in relative short period of time. I would promote diesel vehicles and eventually killed unwanted suppliers and Chavez is on the top of the list." — Bob (Boston, MA)

"Very simple and the same for all dependable allies like him, close our checkbook. Next time they ask us for help, remind them why the checkbook is closed. If they want 'all' of us, then they don't need 'any' of us!" — Steve (Auburn, IN)

"The solution to Chavez, Castro, and all terrorists is simple. America needs to drill oil and flood the market: bringing down the price of gas in the U.S. and bankrupting our enemies." — Jim