Cease-Fire Strategy

For eight days, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been meeting with leaders around the globe, trying to find a consensus to end the fighting between Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

Rice welcomed Israel's decision to suspend air attacks on southern Lebanon for 48 hours, giving civilians a chance to evacuate. Rice won the bombing suspension after an Israeli bomb strike on a house in southern Lebanon killed 56 people, mostly children and women. Israel apologized for the deaths but blamed Hezbollah guerrillas, saying they had fired rockets into northern Israel from near the building.

The bombing forced Rice to scrap a planned meeting with Lebanon's prime minister and arrange to return to Washington for consultation with President Bush. She said the U.N. resolution that she will call for will include a cease-fire, political components to address issues that have repeatedly sparked fighting between the two countries and the authorization of an international force to help secure Lebanon. Read more.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"The Israeli soldiers must be returned before anything else is done. Why should Israel or the rest of the world negotiate with terrorists? I say Israel should wipe them out." — Dianne (North Carolina)

"The U.N. just cannot get the job done. They make resolutions that they will not enforce." — Jonathan (Newport News, VA)

"All a cease-fire does is allow Iran to re-supply through Syria. I think there should be no cease-fire until there is 'regime change' in Iran and Syria and any other terrorist-supporting country." — Joe (Ft. Thomas, KY)

"The president should work at cleaning up their own backyard before jumping into someone else's mess. He has our military resources spread so thin that I worry what could happen on our home front. Israel and Lebanon have been at odds for years; we have no place in getting in the middle of this." — Robert

"Ensure that the sanctions against Iran and Syria are observed, Shia's in Lebanon are disarmed, and strengthen the military so that security is under one flag." — Richard

"A lasting peace can only be achieved when all parties sit down and talk with each other, and that includes people we don’t particularly like or trust. There should be an immediate cease-fire by both sides and the U.S. should take the lead through the U.N. in convening a multi-nation conference." — Luedna

"Israel’s security must be guaranteed, and the kidnapped soldiers must be returned unharmed. A multi-national force and the Lebanese army must have complete control of southern Lebanon, and must confront incursions from either side of the border." — J.R. (Houston, TX)

"Disarm Hezbollah/Hamas and the fighting stops. If Syria/Iran don’t stop funding terrorists immediately, Israel will begin destroying their infrastructures." — Erik (Atlanta, GA)

"Israel should only cease-fire to allow Lebanon and the U.N. to disarm Hezbollah, and captured Israeli soldiers should be returned. In addition, a new resolution should be passed, stating that Israel has a right to defend itself against aggression." — Bob (Huntington, WV)

"There can be no peace in that region until all Islamic countries recognize Israel's right to exist, allow synagogues and churches within their borders, and rid themselves of the hatred and intolerance that is Islam." — Frank (Montana)

"Cease-fire when Israel gets its kidnapped soldiers back and the government of Lebanon enforces a weapons ban on anti-Israeli terrorists." — Hal (Florida)

"Many are calling for Hezbollah to return the kidnapped soldiers and move to a point where they cannot attack Israel, but I don't believe this will suffice for Israel. Only the total destruction of the Hezbollah will allow for the conditions of a cease-fire." — Eric (New Mexico)

"Get rid of corrupt governments in the Middle East. Until the Lebanese or Palestinians have an option besides Hezbollah or Hamas to provide basic social needs, this problem will persist. A change in American foreign policy, as opposed to completely one-sided support of Israel, can facilitate this." — Anonymous FOX Fan (St. Louis, MO)

"It's time for a new strategy. Destroy the terrorists completely and then there will be a lasting cease-fire." — Russel

"Peace is only possible when the Hezbollah are eliminated, not disarmed." — K. W.

"A cease-fire should include Israel returning back to its original 1948 borders drawn by the U.N. war crime charges should brought against Israeli leaders responsible for mass killings in the villages once known as Palestinian territories. And, the return of the soldiers should be included as a mandate for all parties." — Mike (Houston, TX)

"Israel's cease-fire strategy should be simple. They'll cease-fire when Hezbollah is completely destroyed. The civilian deaths in Lebanon have been staged by Hezbollah to rally world opinion to their side — in violation of the Geneva Conventions." — Chris (Santa Rosa, CA)

“There should be a cease fire when Israel has completely neutralized the terrorist Hezbollah. The U.S. should stay out of it and cheer for Israel.” — Fred

“No cease fire until the Hezbollah are eliminated.” — Ted

"Tell the civilians to leave, and then bomb the sources of the rockets." — Bob

"Give back the soldiers unharmed, acknowledge Israel's right to exist, reimburse Israel for the cost of defense, and disarm and renounce Islam and all its terror organizations." — SFC

"The conditions should be the return of soldiers and the complete destruction of Hezbollah. It is time to stop fighting the war on terror." — Laurel (California)

"Cease-fire has to be implemented by Iran, the root of the problem. They have bankrolled Hezbollah and supplied the arms. They want to see the democratic government of Lebanon fail and Syria back in control. Until we get serious with Iran, don't expect a solution." — Jeff

"At this point, there should not be a cease-fire until Hezbollah is either destroyed or driven out of Lebanon." — Apryl (Chesapeake City, MD)

"Cease-fire when Hezbollah is wiped out. If the Lebanon military can't or won't do it, what makes anyone think they can maintain a buffer zone?" — Carl (Seminole, FL)

"There is no option but to continue to assault terrorism in Lebanon and beyond. Nuclear strikes cannot be ruled out." — Rick (Kentucky)

"There should be no cease fire imposed on Israel until the U.N. enforces the rulings on Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and Korea, immediately. Then cease-fire can be considered by Israel." — Cindy

"A sustainable cease-fire must include the elimination of Hezbollah as a threat to the world, not just to Israel. The U.S. has been, and remains, a target for Hezbollah." — David (Houston, TX)

"Hostages must be returned unharmed, Hezbollah must be disarmed, and there cannot be any attacks from Lebanon. Hezbollah, with the blessing and backing of Iran and Syria, wants to wipe Israel off the map, and started it all up by crossing Israel's border and taking soldiers hostage. There should be no cease fire until Israel can live in peace, and its hostages are returned." — Jane

"The only way to secure a lasting cease-fire is for one side to win a victory." — Debbie (North Carolina)

"The return of the kidnapped soldiers should only result in a temporary cease-fire. Coupled with this must be a non-negotiable complete Hezbollah withdrawal and disarmament plan. There can be no negotiations with a 'political party' whose goal is the end of the Israeli state and death of its Jewish inhabitants." — John

"The only effective way to establish a cease-fire is to destroy Hezbollah, Syria and Iran." — Bob (Fayetteville, NC)

"There can be a cease-fire when Hezbollah returns the soldiers and disarms. If they don't, Israel and a unified coalition force should drive them out of Lebanon and into Iran or Syria." — Mike