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Posted today are an array of pictures taken from our time at the United Nations on Friday with the Israeli ambassador to the U.N. We showed you the video from our time there on Friday night's show — so today the still pics are posted.

Last night, if you watched, you know that we did a live "On the Record" special covering the war. You may have heard me butcher — but then recover — when trying to pronounce the name of a guest (a former ambassador). I hate it when I do that since it is so rude. What makes it worse is that I practiced saying his name before the show and before the segment. It was easy to say off camera, but apparently not so when the cameras were rolling.

We are going to work to a bit early today. Why? Because we need to tape something special — away from the bureau — for you tonight. Once again, we are taking our cameras to this place so that we can show it to you tonight. And yes, this is one of those instances where our cameras will take you some place you otherwise would not get to see — and, if I did not have this job, I could not go, either! And no, it is not a military installation — start guessing….

Since we could all use a little humor, I have also posted an e-mail from a viewer with some pictures of his cat. Here is the e-mail from Danny Cameron:

E-mail No. 1

I watch FOX News all the time and I noticed that one of our cats, "Pink", doesn't watch anything else, but loves to watch Greta. I took some pictures of her watching, which I have attached.

Now go to the pictures posted and check out Danny's cat.

On Thursday we went to the Pentagon to a top secret area and received a tour from Brigadier Jeffrey Hammond. You saw that tour on our shows on both Thursday and Friday. For a little behind the scenes, here is a factoid about the general who showed us around: He played quarterback in college at Southern Mississippi a few years before Brett Favre.

I am curious what you think of Mel Gibson's arrest for DUI and the statements attributed to him. Please e-mail me your thoughts.

Now for some more e-mails:

E-mail No. 2 — This e-mail and the next few relate to an e-mail I posted on Friday from "Misty P" about our coverage of Catherine Herridge and her son Peter:

Can't believe Misty P's comments. I enjoy hearing the good news about Peter. Keep it up. Enjoy your show.
Tom J.
Battle Mountain, NV

E-mail No. 3

I feel sorry for Misty P! She has no caring or compassion for Catherine and Peter. Evidently she has no children or has not come close to losing a child. We have lost a child due to illness and it is something you never get over so therefore, I am so happy for Catherine and her family that she was able to save her child’s life. I would have done the same if it had been possible. I am also interested in the war but you can not dwell on that every waking moment. Hopefully Misty will get a life and find compassion for other people along the way.
Best regards,

E-mail No. 4

Misty P from Texas is just plain mean... Catherine Herridge is a great reporter and I'm glad you take the time to let us know the progress on her son. I guess there's one in every crowd.
Keep the reports coming...
Mark Coren

E-mail No. 5

Your stories on Catherine and Peter are marvelous. It is wonderful to see what unconditional love will do. It is sooo nice to get good news for a change in a world where many people live just to kill those who disagree with them.
Of course, I would happily drop Misty P. into Iraq so that she can see all the tough hard news up close and personal.
By the way, have you eaten at Mason’s in Easton? I think it is one of the best in Talbot County. I moved before the new Italian restaurant on Washington St. opened, but friends have told me that martinis are $12.00 (a bit much I feel).
Thank you for all your good work.
Lew Carlisle
Greenville, SC

E-mail No. 6

I have watched you on TV since the O.J. Simpson trial, and I must tell you that you have become too sensational. (Shake hands with Geraldo Rivera) You need to chill out and take a deep breath.
A woman in your level of education should show more intelligence when dealing with serious issues such as the war in the Middle East between the Hezbollah (a terrorist group) and Israel (a sovereign and legitimate state). You need to bring the facts as they really are instead of sympathizing with the terrorists.

ANSWER: You are the very first I know of to accuse me of sympathizing with the terrorists....

E-mail No. 7

What's going on with the Holloway case? Are they any closer to finding out the truth or what?
Thank you,
Mrs. Brandenburg

ANSWER: I am in frequent touch with Natalee's mother, her lawyer, Joran's lawyer and many others in this case and sadly there is nothing new.

E-mail No. 8

Israel is doing everyone's job — everyone that wants democracy and a peaceful world should support them! We need to end this cancer here and now. If not, the terrorists win and they get more powerful. I am literally sick over innocents losing lives, however, this has to be done. It has to!
I support Israel, I am Catholic and I was born in South America. I am a grandmother and I want my grandson to have a future.
Jenna Brooks
Melbourne, FL

E-mail No. 9

Hi Greta,
That is indisputable, Hezbollah is using "human shields." And even if they don't mean to, the very fact that they are hiding weapons in civilian homes among civilian neighborhoods, the by-product of that is civilians (non-Hezbollah's) being put in grave danger. Someone needs to thump the civilians heads there, that is knock on there heads and say "Hello! Is anybody home? Why is the Hezbollah getting more popular with you people when they are using you as human shields? Hello! Is anybody in there? Do you really want to popularize and glorify those who use such cowardly acts? What the hell is wrong with you people?"
Todd Nado
Brighton, MI

E-mail No. 10

Dear Greta,
This is going to sound harsh but Hezbollah has no right to be in Lebanon, it has no right to operate an armed militia within a sovereign nation, it makes no apologies for hiding among civilians or near U.N. facilities and to use them as human shields. They started this war with the killing of eight Israeli soldiers, capturing two and firing missiles at Israel. This is a war and civilians die in wars. All a real army can do, all it is required to do is not purposely target non-combatants and try to minimize civilian deaths it is not required to totally avoid them. Again, this is harsh, but civilians will die in a war. And if Israel wasn't showing so much restraint thousands would be dead today. In a war a general does everything in his power to avoid casualties to his troops and maximize casualties to the enemy troops. To win against Hezbollah their strongholds must be decimated, flattened. If anyone thinks that an international force will enter this area and not cause the death of innocent civilians when they fight Hezbollah they are deluding themselves.
Seth Friedman
White Plains, NY

E-mail No. 11

I have had it. FOX News keeps talking about the innocent civilian casualties in Lebanon. Innocent? These are the folks who voted in Hezbollah. These are the folks who wholeheartedly support the killing of Israelis. They are not innocent. They are suffering the consequences of their actions.
So I am changing the channel. I will not be watching FOX News until this is over. I will not allow the press to cram down my throat that these people are innocent. They are the cause of the aggression.
Patty Simpson
Porterville, CA

E-mail No. 12

Some hosts might not be bright enough; I would hope with your legal skills you would, be and I think you are. That is bright enough to fully identify your guest on the show airing Sunday 07-30-06.
On such a hot political issue as Israel/Lebanon/Hezbollah et al, it would seem important to give the period when the ambassador served; or better yet which president appointed him.
You asked for his opinion on how the U.S. should politically deal with Syria (Iran?). The value of his opinion is a political question and whether Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, Carter appointed him is important. And I shouldn't have to tell you.
Shame on you. Whether you neglected or intended to mislead, shame on you. I would like a reply as to who appointed this man.
R. Michael

ANSWER: While I think your note is a bit dramatic ("shame on you") and unnecessarily hostile, here is your answer: He served as ambassador under both President Bush 41 and President Clinton. Both presidents appointed him.

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