Most Powerful Moments in War Reporting

War reporting brings scenes of turmoil a world away directly into our homes and enables us to see the impact of the conflict up close.

This most recent strife in the Middle East has brought us the distressing stories of soldiers kidnapped and killed, of civilians caught in the crossfire, and of foreigners desperately trying to escape the fighting.

It also brought us images of rockets exploding along the Israel-Lebanon border, piles of concrete and rubble where buildings once stood, and a beautiful desert landscape torn by war.

Of the reporting on this war that you've watched, what do you think was the best, most powerful moment of coverage? Who was the reporter, what was the story they were covering, and why did you find it so incredible?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"Greg Palkot is your best reporter. From his firsthand reports of the Battle for Fallujah to the Hezbollah village in Lebanon today, he is simply the best. Greg is brave, earnest, intense, and trustworthy. He goes into the most dangerous areas to interview the Hezbollah sympathizers. Please take care of your finest reporter." — Cynthia (Potomac, MD)

"I think the reporting has been very good. It has given people insight into what's going on in this very complicated war. All of your reporters in the region are very brave to put their lives at risk to bring people the story. Thank you and keep up the great work." — Anonymous FOX Fan

"The best war reporting I have seen in a long time has come from FOX. The team has delivered news and events as they unfold, with little commentary and political sniping." — Steve (Coatesville, PA)

"I followed Bill Hemmer to the FOX News Channel. He is, without a doubt, my favorite news reporter. The FOX reporters have provided outstanding coverage of the Middle East conflict and I applaud them all." — BB

"All of your reporters are doing an excellent job. They should be proud of their work, which is definitely more fair and balanced than the other media organizations out there." — Dan (Cinnaminson, NJ)

"Shep Smith is the very best. I put aside everything else on TV in order to watch his complete coverage of the war in the Middle East." — G.L.J.

"One of the most vivid memories I have of the war coverage was when Jennifer Griffin and Shepard Smith were talking together and rockets started landing nearby. They both hit the deck and continued their conversation, sitting on the ground. They kept their composure in the midst of all the chaos and that made a big impression on me." — Margie (Cumberland, MD)

"Dana Lewis provides the best coverage I have seen. His reporting style is credible and in-depth, and he obviously knows what he is talking about. He tells it like it is, not trying to sensationalize. It was quite apparent that he had a great deal of empathy for the American people fleeing Lebanon and gave us the facts as if those people were our family!" — A.J.

"Shepard Smith's reporting on the Israeli-Hezbollah crisis reflects great credit upon himself and FOX News. Thanks for being fair and balanced." — Glen (Kentucky)

"I want to tell you how much I like Bill Hemmer's reporting style. He delivers without the shouting, and he's clear and constantly fresh and lively. As an American in Canada it is hard to get beyond the socialist-slanted news to which most of the U.S. news people have also become addicted. I like Bill's behind-the-scenes stuff, too. He's in the field, showing us people and situations, while giving in-depth perspectives. I hope to see and hear more of Hemmer." — Anonymous FOX Fan

"I live in northern Israel, near the border, and right now it's a beautiful summer night and you can smell the jasmine in the air. It almost feels normal, a night like every other night, but it isn't. Every couple of minutes you hear the artillery firing at the Lebanese border. I spend almost all of my days watching the news channels. FOX News Channel is the only foreign channel that comforts me — you make me feel as if Israel isn't alone, as if someone is listening and understands the situation. For that, I thank you and ask you to keep up the good work." — Yafit

"I want to send my kudos for your reporter Jennifer Griffin. I appreciate her intelligence and reporting talent and should have said so long before now. Ms. Griffin doesn't appear to be a 'news reader,' as many on-air reporters are. Instead, she has thoroughly researched her report and has a comprehensive grasp of it when she appears on air. When follow-up questions are asked, she doesn't have to resort to rephrasing of what she just read. She draws from her knowledge of the situation to answer the question. She also doesn't sensationalize, which I greatly appreciate." — Robyn (Reston, VA)

"After watching your coverage of the Israeli-Hezbollah crisis, I have been very impressed with the reporting of Jennifer Griffin. Her on-scene descriptions are excellent and she really seems to know her stuff. Her grasp of Mideast history also comes through. I hope to see more of her!" — Robert (McAllen, TX)

"The war reporting of Shep Smith and Mike Tobin is, by far, the best on television. The level of insight and thoughtfulness they display throughout their coverage of the current Mideast crisis is exemplary." — Raymond (Utica, NY)

"I particularly enjoy coverage reported by Jennifer Griffin, Mike Tobin, David Lee Miller and Greg Palkot. I find myself drawn in when these correspondences report live from the field. These reporters are extremely knowledgeable and respectful of the content they are covering." — Carrie (Oxford, CT)

"Seeing Bill Hemmer back on the news is the best part." — DJ

"Where did FOX find Jennifer Griffin? She is one of the most erudite and pragmatic reporters of the Middle East scene I have heard in a long time." — Jack (Palm Coast, FL)

"I have to say that without a doubt it is the reporting of Bill Hemmer. His command of the geography and the situation as a whole is great. I appreciate his calmness and find myself staying tuned most of the day to catch his reporting." — Anna (Fredericksburg, VA)

"The piece done by Jennifer Griffin and Shepard Smith on Studio B on Saturday was delivered in a calm, clear, and concise manner. Well done!" — John (Asheville, NC)

"Your on-site anchors Shepard Smith, Bill Hemmer, and Jennifer Griffin have presented an enormous amount of information to us here at home. I especially like the behind the scenes coverage that these anchors provide (for example, Jennifer's description of Israeli tanks, her trip into the 'foxhole,' and Shepard's trip past the military base.)" — Christine (Ontario, Canada)

"I am an Israeli who never watched FOX News before, but now I just can't stop. I want to commend your correspondents here for doing a great job. Each time Bill Hemmer goes live, we just cheer." — Ron

"The reports from Shepard Smith and Bill Hemmer are outstanding. I commend them for their bravery being in the middle of this conflict so that we can get the news as it happens. Their reports are very informative and precise." — Angie (Hawaii)

"I must commend the excellent and in-depth coverage that Shepard Smith is providing since the conflict began. Smith gives a very informative perspective, as only he can. He is my favorite anchor, in addition to Bill Hemmer. They are both held in high regards." — Lupe (California)

"I have to say that Shepard Smith's reporting on the Mideast war from Israel has been outstanding. I don't know if he comes up with the stories, or if it is your producers, but it has been most impressive. Visiting an air base, going to the front lines — which appeared like it was going to get him in trouble with the Israeli military — the wedding, and his opinions have all been outstanding." — Malka (San Jose, CA)

"It was good to see Michael reporting from Haifa and saying he could not say where bombs were coming from for censor reasons. The public should know that you use discretion and intelligence when reporting and that you are not like The New York Times." — Mary