Inside the Pentagon's Army Operations Center

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Today I have posted about 20 pictures from our trip to the Pentagon yesterday. You saw the video last night of the secret area — the Army Operations Center — and these are the still photos I took. I also took photos of areas other than the AOC that I thought might be of interest to you. The Pentagon is huge and the hallways contain lots of history and also reflect military pride.

I have included pictures of the hallways: from pics of National Guard flags to members of the media whose photos are on the media wall. (Note: FNC's Mike Emanuel is now our Pentagon correspondent, but his picture is not yet on the wall. We need to fix that — our former Pentagon correspondent and now White House correspondent Bret Baier's pic is still on the wall!) There is a wall with pics of all the former secretaries of defense. Wait until you see the picture of Secretary Rumsfeld from his earlier term as secretary of defense!

Tonight the show airs from New York City. We have a great show planned. We are taking our cameras on a small road trip prior to the show to video something you would not otherwise get to see — tune in tonight!

My good friend and colleague, Laura Ingle, who is assigned specifically to Geraldo's FOX Broadcast show, has a blog. Check it out on She has been working on a story that we covered a few weeks ago, but have not had a chance to get back to because of the war. Since I get e-mails asking for updates on stories we covered, I figured this is one way to accomplish it. Here is a bit of Laura's blog (but you need to click on the site above to get the full blog):

"Over the last few days, our 'At Large' team has been investigating the double-murder case of Mary Cooper and her daughter Susanna Stodden near Mount Pilchuck which is just outside Seattle. The two were found together, shot to death along a secluded, deeply wooded hiking trail in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmine National Forest…"

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta!
People complain about too much war coverage but not about too much Catherine Herridge and son coverage?!? This is crazy! The war affects us. Catherine does not. Am I the only one sick of the Catherine crap? I haven't been watching your show lately, so I don't know exactly how much of what you are covering. I know GretaWire is filled with Catherine updates. I'd much rather hear about something way more important like news on the war.
Misty P.
La Porte, TX

ANSWER: You are the first to complain about our coverage of Catherine Herridge and her infant son. Frankly, I am inspired by Catherine and Peter and, for once, I get to be part of a good news story. Imagine that a young boy was near death and now has the strong likelihood of a normal life span because of his mother's liver and the dedication of a strong medical staff! I find that exciting.

The inspiring story has also promoted the University of Pittsburgh transplant program and generated contributions so that others can receive transplants, too. Money is always needed for those who can't afford medical care or lack the insurance that might help defray costs. I am proud to be a part of this story… I am proud to be a co-worker to Catherine. I like to think we help others by this story. You may also have seen our interview with Senate Majority Leader Frist who is a heart/lung transplant surgeon. We did this interview to complement the stories we did/do on Catherine and her son. We want people to know what can be done for some who are dying. Most of the coverage — except two or three taped pieces aired on our show — have appeared here in the blog. I don't know why you object to this.

I like comments from viewers and sometimes I change my mind about things after reading their opinions. In this instance, I stand by our work and I am proud of it.

E-mail No. 2

There I was, sleepless in Brooklyn, and I turned on FOX News in the wee hours of Thursday, July 27th, to continue hearing about Israel and the war in Lebanon. Lo and behold, on a repeat broadcast of Greta van Susteren's show, there on my screen was my cousin, Tzvi Klein, being interviewed as one of the newly-arrived immigrants to Israel. I had just seen him last Sunday, and heard him and his wife speak resolutely about going forth and flying on Wednesday to their new home in the northern part of Israel. The plans were firmly in place, and even with four kids, they were going. It is possible that the family is temporarily staying with relatives in order to stay out of harm's way, but no doubt they, will in the near future, enjoy their new home in the pastoral, small town atmosphere of their chosen new home.
Thank you for airing the "regular guy's" take on living in Israel in these difficult times.
A fan in Brooklyn

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