FOX News Quiz — Answers!

Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: On Monday, Saddam Hussein's trial resumed for closing arguments, despite the fact that he was in the hospital. What was he hospitalized for?

A. Deep cuts on his left arm
B. High fever
C. Malnourishment from a hunger strike
D. A self-inflicted concussion

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Question 2: This week, a 36-year-old woman was killed at a Tennessee wildlife sanctuary. What animal attacked her?

A. Asian elephant
B. Bengal/Siberian tiger
C. Silver fox
D. Capuchin monkey

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Question 3: On Sunday, Tiger Woods won the British Open, his 11th major title, but his first win since what?

A. He recovered from a fractured wrist
B. He agreed to donate 20% of his profit to charity
C. His 30th birthday
D. His father passed away

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Question 4: This week, Condoleezza Rice met with all of the following Mideast leaders except

A. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
B. Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
C. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
D. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

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Question 5: On Tuesday, Democrats took a stand against a bill headed to the Senate that would punish anyone who takes an underage girl across state lines to have an abortion so as to avoid parental consent. What was the basis of their argument?

A. States will abolish parental consent laws if this bill is passed.
B. An underage girl should still have the same rights to privacy as every citizen.
C. Irresponsible parents do not retain a right to know about their child's abortion.
D. Adult confidants, to whom teens turn for help, should not be punished.

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Question 6: This week, a sustained heat increase in California claimed the lives of nearly 100 people. The heat has also killed many cows and other livestock, causing what problem?

A.Californian residents who live near farms are complaining about an increase of flies in their homes.
B. Certain California hospitals are temporarily unable to offer milk to their patients.
C. Californian lawmakers are proposing a price increase on dairy because of predicted shortages.
D. There is a rotting carcass pileup because factories that convert these animals to pet food are backed up.

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Question 7: On Wednesday, an Israeli air strike hit a United Nations post in southern Lebanon, killing four U.N. peacekeepers. What has most recently cast doubt upon U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan's assumption that the hit was deliberate?

A. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's profuse apologies
B. An e-mail sent by a Canadian U.N. observer
C. Investigations of air strike communications
D. The eyewitness report of a 17-year-old Lebanese girl

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Question 8: On Wednesday, the jury reached a verdict in the Andrea Yates murder trial. What was the verdict?

A. It was declared a mistrial.
B. She was declared guilty.
C. She was declared not guilty, by reason of insanity.
D. She was declared not guilty, due to insufficient evidence.

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Question 9: On Thursday, Tour de France winner Floyd Landis tested positive for drug use. What was the response?

A. He denied any use of drugs.
B. He apologized to his team and fans.
C. He claimed it was for his hip problem, not for athletic reasons.
D. He has refused to comment until further testing is done.

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Question 10: On Thursday, Al Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahiri, second in command to Usama bin Laden, sent a message through Al-Jazeera television. What was his statement?

A. All Muslims must obey the seven new religious practices if Hezbollah is to succeed.
B. Muslims everywhere should join the holy war, treating the whole world as a battlefield.
C. Israel's blunder of hitting the U.N. post will turn the world against the Jews.
D. Usama bin Laden will appear Sunday with a message about the United States.

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Bonus: On Thursday, FOX News released a story about two items people are sending Congressional members to demonstrate whether they want tighter border control or not. What are people mailing?

A. A brick or a work glove
B. An American or Mexican flag stamp
C. A photocopy of a hand or foot
D. A penny or a peso

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How well did you score?

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3 to 5 questions right — Good Effort! You've been paying attention.
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