U.N. Attack Probe

On Wednesday, an Israeli bomb destroyed a U.N. observer post in southern Lebanon, killing three peacekeepers and leaving the other feared dead. The U.N. post has been in place for a long time, was clearly marked, and had been assured immunity from Israeli attacks by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

To Olmert's apologies, Kofi Annan replied that the strike was "apparently deliberate." Vexed over Annan's response, Olmert promised investigations, which are already underway. Read more.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"They should handle this as an accident. It was not deliberate. This is what happens during the realities of war. While unfortunate, it will not be the last time that U.N. observers or peacekeeping troops are accidentally killed while performing their tasks." — Bobby (North Haledon, NJ)

"I believe Israel was very negligent. They ignored the warnings, and they must be held completely responsible." — Maria

"It's obvious to me where Kofi Annam draws his alliance. Why didn't the U.N. withdraw their troops from the immediate danger? There needs to be an investigation into the incident." — Bob (Huntington, WV)

"The U.N. incident should be viewed as a mistake that occurred on the battlefield. However, the U.N. shouldn't be given access to battlefield operations; they are a verbal organization." — John (Sturgis, SD)

"I believe that the U.N. has not done what needs to be done. There needs to be a fair investigation into this before all the facts are skewed." — Linda (Boonville, MI)

"What is there to investigate? This is a tragedy of war. Unfortunately, it happens. It isn't so surprising, though, that the U.N. would have peacekeepers who allowed terrorists to get a major stronghold in the area." — Brenda (Albany, OR)

"I thought the U.N. was in Lebanon to keep Hezbollah out of the area. If they were, they didn't do a good job of it. The probe should be dropped. Let's investigate the U.N. peacekeeping force in Darfur or some other country going through ethnic cleansing. Let's get the U.S. out of the U.N. and vice versa." — Joe (Wasilla, AK)

"The incident should be thoroughly and fairly investigated by a neutral, unbiased panel. Until the investigation's results are revealed, Kofi Annan should keep his accusations to himself." — Frank (Plano, TX)

"Officials should handle the situation of the Israeli bomb killing three violence makers of the U.N. with the same fervor that was used in the oil for food scandal." — Mike (Long Island, NY)

"Someone should ask the U.N. why these peacekeepers have been in Lebanon for 28 years while terrorists have set up shop there." — Katheryne