Iraqi PM Visits U.S.

Just ahead of President Bush's meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, senior U.S. commanders are revising their strategy for securing Baghdad.

Maliki is in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday for his first visit to the United States since taking office two months ago. He will meet with Bush, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top U.S. officials. His visit comes after one of the bloodiest weekends in Iraq in months, with more than 150 Iraqis killed in a series of car bombings. Read more.

If YOU were president, what would you say to the Iraqi prime minister?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"If I were president, I would let Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki know that the U.S. will continue the war on terror in all areas of the world, including his country. The U.S. is committed to helping its allies and we consider Iraq one. The U.S. will not abandon this fight until the evildoers are defeated, not only in Iraq, but worldwide." — Steven (Boone, IA)

"If I were president, I would tell the prime minister that I would continue to support U.S. operations in the Middle East. I would focus on the security of Baghdad and increase the human intelligence and border assets in Iraq to counter the influx of Iranian insurgents." — Phillip

"If I were president, I would tell the prime minister that he should consider it time to get serious and put Iraq under martial law. He should consider self-appointed militias as criminals, including Muslim cleric militias." — Frank (Texas)

"I would ask the prime minister if the common anti-American, Islamic attitudes would prevent the Americans from completing their mission in Iraq." — David

"I would ask him if he could work with our military commanders to better develop a transfer of responsibility for security of his country so that we could get our soldiers out of Iraq." — Bob

"If I were president I would tell Maliki to let the Iraq soldiers take over more and protect their country. We can't stay there forever. The longer we stay the less they will do." — Betty

"I would say, 'We have given you the freedom to make your own choices. We will be 100 percent out of Iraq within 12 months. Now, what can we do to assist you and still keep to that deadline?" — Rick

"If I were meeting with the Iraqi prime minister, I would say 'I am so sorry. Please tell me how can we help you make it better.' Then I would actually listen to the answer." — Steve (Colorado)

"If I were president I would give the Iraqi prime minister about 10 seconds to state unequivocally to our joint congress that he is 100% behind Israel's right to defend herself AND 100% against everything Hezbollah has done and stands for. If he were not willing to do so, I would start making plans for a pull out of Iraq immediately. The U.S. should allow NO wiggle room on this at all." — Wayne (Massachusetts)

"I would tell the Iraqi prime minister that the American people are behind him and the Iraqi people. We will stay the course until the mission is complete.'" — Brenda

"If I were president, I would ask the Iraqi prime minister to give me a plan and timetable for a complete pullout of American troops. In addition, I would negotiate a deal on Iraqi oil as compensation for American aid over the past three years." — J. (Canon City, CO)

"I would tell the Iraqi prime minister to meet with the rest of the Iraqi leadership and develop a workable plan to meet the most urgent needs of his country. The plan should clearly give authority to all parties involved, including Iraqi ministries, the U.S. government, and the U.N., and should set goals for six-month intervals." — Joe (Indianapolis, IN)

"Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for your fortitude and bravery. I am sure that your security forces in conjunction with ours will put an end to the killings in Iraq. Together we will track down the terrorist killers and make your country one of the safest in the world. Make sure that you keep your government above the religious radicals and make the country free and safe for all your citizens." — Charles

"I would apologize to him for starting this operation with no plan at all for the post war period, for failing to even attempt to understand the culture of Iraq before assuming that there would be no insurgency, and foolishly thinking that we would be greeted as 'liberators'." — Dave (Ohio)

"I would tell the Iraqi prime minister to get rid of any insurgents from Iraq or from outside Iraq. Whatever it takes this needs to be accomplished if Iraq is going to be a peaceful democratic nation." — Jim (Georgia)

"I would tell the Iraqi prime minister that I would like to continue our conversations, however, I need to focus and gain control of the US borders. My problem with illegal aliens, and the infiltration of the U.S., far exceeds your priorities. " — Jerry (Myrtle Beach, SC )

"I would tell him that it is time to end it. Do not make the mistake the U.S. has made in past wars and have to fight this again. End the terrorist threat to your nation. Stand up in the U.N. and ask why no one has forced Hezbollah to disarm." — Patrick

"I would tell the Iraqi prime minister that he had a choice to support freedom and eliminate terrorists on any and all types. I would remind him that Iraq had been controlled by a terrorist and that he was now in a position thanks to those who were willing to paid the price for freedom, even in the face of terrorist attacks and threats." — Ed (Winston-Salem, NC)

"If I were president, I would tell the Iraqi prime minister that it is Iraq's turn to step up to the plate. We have been your backbone since this thing has started and will continue to stand beside you, but we need to see answers and solutions from the only people that can fix the problem, the Iraq government." — Gary

"I would tell the Iraqi prime minister that his comments criticizing Israel's defense against an army motivated by pure hatred of a people, an army that cowardly hides behind civilians, an army that shoots rockets loaded with ball bearings are outrageous. Without U.S. support, his own country would also be taken over by thugs and his life expectancy could be measured in hours. If he insists on joining his fellow Arabs with their anti-Israel actions and words, then the U.S. will gladly leave Iraq in favor of his friends." — R.A.

"I would say to the Iraqi prime minister, 'Tell me what you need from us to improve the situation in your country.'" — Chris (Friendswood, TX)

"I would tell the Iraqi PM to place one hand on his heart and the other in a fist. I would tell him that this is what Iraq needs from him: love your neighbor and stomp their enemies." — Randall (Roanoke, VA)

"I will tell PM Maliki that the U.S. is behind him all the way and he needs to unite all Iraqis and erase factionalism in his country. I would also say that he needs to go after all insurgencies and militias in order to have peace and prosperity." — Jade (Arizona)

"I would tell him that his courage and strength in the face of violence is inspiring. I would urge him to use that courage to inspire the same in the Iraqi people. The peace and goodwill that the majority of Iraqis hold toward their fellow man must be called upon. The violent must know that they are alone in their brutality." — Edward

"If I were President Bush, I would tell the Iraqi PM that he needs to take control of his country. He needs to get tough with the insurgents and stop the corruption that exists within the government. He needs to take strong action in defeating the enemy." — Joe (California)