Speakout! Rice in Beirut

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made an unannounced visit to Beirut on Monday in a show of support for that country's weakened democracy, which is struggling to contain the fighting between the Hezbollah militia and Israel.

Rice planned to meet with Lebanese Prime Minister Faud Saniora, other leaders of his government and members of parliament about the surge in fighting along the southern border in the last two weeks. Her visit is intended to make a show of support and concern for both the Saniora government and the Lebanese people, administration officials said. Read more.

FNC wants to know what YOU think — Will the Secretary of State's presence in Lebanon lead to progress?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"I think Condoleezza Rice is an excellent secretary of state. However, as good as Rice is, I don't think she'll make a difference. I don't think you can diplomatically discuss anything with terrorists." — Jen

"I think that her visit will show support for the Lebanese government and for the people of that country." — Yeshu'ah

"Secretary Rice's visit will not lead to progress in the Middle East. It is in the best interest of both Israel and the U.S. to bring about the demise of Hezbollah. No one else shares this goal. The Lebanese majorities have tolerated and sheltered these terrorists and seemingly share their goals. Russia and China are for anything that brings America grief, as are a majority of the U.N. member nations. Thus, Rice's rationale arguments for the U.S. position will essentially fall on deaf ears." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"I think Condi Rice will make sense of the issue. Any plan she puts together will work. Yet, I am still afraid that the terrorists will not listen to anything. Their goal is total destruction of Israel and the United States." — Flip (Pennsylvania)

"The Lebanese government is not capable of taking on Hezbollah, and Condi knows this. However, I do admire the political strategy behind the visit." — Carl

"I believe it's doubtful that Condi will be able to drag Syria and Iran into the conflict, but I know she'll do her best." — D.J.

"The only way Secretary Rice's presence in Beirut will make a difference is if she is unrelenting in supporting Israel’s right to defend itself." — Lisa

"We may not be able to solve all of the world's problems, but there is no single person I would have more faith in than Condoleezza Rice." — Jim (Redford, MI)

"We're in the early stages of World War III and peace talks won't work. We must stand up to the terrorists who want to destroy us. I don't agree with our support of Lebanon because they're a terrorist state, not our ally. We should be supporting Israel." — Virginia

"Yes, I think Rice's presence will help the situation." — Butch

"I believe Rice being in Beirut will not end well. She will most likely condemn Israel in some way. We need to support Israel and let them do what they need to. It's their children who are being kidnapped and killed in the name of Islamic extremism. They have every right to fight back." — Jen (New Jersey)

"Condi's trip will make a difference for the better over the long haul. Hezbollah must disarm, and that may not happen during the first round. However, it will happen if she stays firm." — Doug (Texas)

"No, I don't think it will make any difference, but at least we are showing the world that we are trying." — Patricia

"I think Condi is a really brave and intelligent representative for the U.S., and I think only positive things will come from her visit to Lebanon." — Phyllis

"What Condi Rice says and who the president is will make no difference to religious fanatic terrorists. This is a religious war not a political one." — Jim (Poland, ME)

"I don’t think Condi will make any difference. She doesn’t have the political pull that someone like Bush has. Plus, it probably doesn’t matter who you send anyway; these people just fight and kill one another. We need to let Israel do their job, and unfortunately that means war." — Clint (Texas)

"If the U.S. approach is one of appeasement, Condoleezza's trip will not be effective." — Winston (Clermont, FL)

"Secretary Rice's visit to Beirut will show the Lebanese's newly formed government and its people that the U.S., and free world, supports their courage." — Rex

"I don’t think so. How can it work when the U.S. provides precision-guided bombs to Israel to kill the Lebanese and, at the same time, sends aid to the very people this is destroying?" — Ray

"The situation is dim, but I have faith that Rice can get the job done. She's already proven her effectiveness as a leader, so why should we doubt her skills as a negotiator?" — Charity

"Secretary Rice will be totally ineffective in Lebanon. Until Hezbollah is exterminated, there will be no peace. The government of Lebanon must oppose Hezbollah before any peace is possible." — Anonymous FOX Fan (Jacksonville, NC)

"The only way that Rice will be successful is with the full support of the moderate Arab nations in demanding the removal of Hezbollah and complete sanctions for its supporters — Iran and Syria." — Jeff (Arizona)

"I believe that the purpose of Secretary Rice's trip is to create the illusion of trying to settle the conflict. She will probably return without an agreement, claiming the parties are too far apart for an immediate settlement. This will buy time and give the U.S. and Israel the political cover to continue with the dismemberment of Hezbollah." — Chuck (New York)

"Secretary Rice will have her hands full with both sides, and I seriously doubt that her actions will lead to any satisfactory conclusion." — Gary (Fairborn, OH)

"Yes, Secretary Rice can be successful with some help from Arab states and European support. A real solution, rather than a 'paper' one, is possible; however, Syria and Iran must be confronted by the international community, and I don't mean the U.N., which has proven to be anti-American and anti-Israel." — Joseph

"I believe Secretary Rice will make temporary progress in Lebanon. Hezbollah and Hamas need to be totally destroyed or at least majorly incapacitated. Iran and Syria play a major part in the peace equation." — Jeff (Pennsylvania)

"No, there will be no progress from her visit. Instead, she will show doubt in Israel's efforts, which we know is not the U.S.'s stand." — David (New York)

"Rice will go there and do some sword-rattling, and nothing will be accomplished. There is only one way to deal with extremists: get rid of them. It’s up to the Islamic world to change the leadership. Rice has to help them make the right decision, or else the war will continue forever." — Joe (New Orleans, LA)

"Diplomacy will never work with the radical Muslims, because they will never recognize Israel's right to exist. After Israel, they will target Christianity and anyone else that their 'religious' leaders are against. It is time for all civilized nations and cultures of the world to work together to annihilate this radical cancer. All of the current problems in the Middle East can be attributed to Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO, and other radicals, as well as the support of Iran and Syria." — Pete (Florida)

"If anything, Condi will make it abundantly clear what the U.S. and its allies' position is on the Hezbollah-Israel situation, namely: no cease-fire without an enduring peace agreement, the complete elimination of Hezbollah and it's support from Syria, Palestine and bin Laden, and the release of all Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah. This may cause a change in attitude within the various Arab leaderships, as they realize the only way Israel and the U.S. will halt their offensive is for them to withdraw all support for Hezbollah, and help destroy them." — Cindy (Gladewater, TX)