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Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: On Monday, the raging Israel-Hezbollah war forced U.S. citizens to prepare to evacuate Lebanon. What was used for their transport?

A. Air Force One
B. Israeli helicopters
C. A Greek cruise ship, the Orient Queen
D. Middle East Transportation & Trucking services

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Question 2: On Monday, a tsunami crashed into beach resorts and fishing villages on Java island, Indonesia, killing at least 500 people. What did officials say may be one cause of the high number of casualties?

A. Police refused to open a local school for shelter before the tsunami hit.
B. Alerts failed to reach the region because no warning system was in place.
C. Two fishing boats, caught in the tsunami, killed about 130 people running from the shore.
D. Tsunami risk evaluation instrumentation, installed after the 2004 tsunami, malfunctioned and reported no elevated risk.

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Question 3: On Wednesday, President Bush vetoed a bill sent by the Senate to expand federal funding for stem cell research. What was his reason for the veto?

A. "This bill would needlessly encourage a conflict between science and ethics."
B. "Private pharmaceutical companies are better equipped to fund this research."
C. "Results from stem cell research are not reliable."
D. "Facets of this bill suggest alternative motivations and hidden agendas."

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Question 4: On Wednesday, Hezbollah rockets made their first hits near Christian holy sites. In which city did a Hezbollah rocket kill two brothers, bringing the Israeli death toll to 29?

A. Bethlehem
B. Nazareth
C. Jerusalem
D. Jericho

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Question 5: On Wednesday, the Crown Princess, a cruise ship sailing from Florida to New York, rolled abruptly causing passengers to be thrown and a couple to be critically hurt. What caused the ship to roll?

A. A steering problem
B. A drunk captain
C. A large wave
D. A rudder malfunction

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Question 6: On Thursday, a wave of Israeli warplanes lobbed 23 tons of explosives in south Beirut. What was their target?

A. A Lebanese port
B. A secret Hezbollah-al Qaeda summit
C. A meeting of the Lebanese parliament
D. A bunker thought to hold Hezbollah's top leaders

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Question 7: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is planning a trip to the Mideast on Sunday to meet with the region's leaders. What will be the purpose of her diplomatic discussions?

A. She will ask Israel to cede some land for the purpose of peace.
B. She will demand that Lebanon engage in battle with Hezbollah.
C. She will call for an immediate release of abducted troops.
D. She will warn Syria and Iran that if they enter the war, the U.S. will, too.

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Question 8: On Thursday, officials in several states urged residents, especially the elderly, to stay cool as forecasters predicted high temperatures would continue. What motivated the warnings?

A. Electricity is out in certain areas, leaving many home air conditioners unoperational.
B. 16 people have died from the heat wave already.
C. They want to build congenial relations with the voters.
D. Rumors of a sunstroke epidemic are surfacing.

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Question 9: On Thursday, Barry Bonds' grand jury expired. What was the verdict?

A. Guilty
B. Innocent
C. A new grand jury was impaneled
D. The case was thrown out

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Question 10: On Friday, Ed Zylstra's patent-pending Goose Goo Gone will foster a more peaceful coexistence between citizens of Washington state and Canada geese, which have a daily five-pound poop production. What current practice, instituted as a result of this problem, will this machine prevent?

A. Public park closings
B. Vaccinations for children exposed to the infection-causing excrement
C. Public park sanitation crew working overtime regularly
D. Geese slaughtering by the thousands

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Bonus: On Tuesday's edition of “Studio B,” Shepard Smith had an exclusive interview with a distraught family in the Mideast. Who were they?

A. American citizens waiting for evacuation from Lebanon
B. The relatives of an Israeli soldier kidnapped at the start of the current conflict
C. The family of Lebanese shop owners
D. An American family whose daughter cannot be transferred from an Israeli hospital

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