Condi's Message to the Mideast

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will lay out U.S. plans for a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Hezbollah fighting Friday, an administration official said.

Rice plans to travel to the Mideast Sunday, and will carry the U.S. strategy for ending the 10-day-old warfare and establishing stability in southern Lebanon, a senior Bush administration said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Rice has not yet made her plans public. Read more.

If YOU were president, what message would you ask your secretary of state to deliver to the leaders in the region?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"If I were president, I would instruct Secretary Rice to tell the countries that support the terrorists’ organizations that we will support the Israelis as much as we can. I would also remind them about the countries that were put on notice just after the 9/11 attacks." — Dan

"To Israel, my message would be, ‘Happy hunting.’ To the Arab world, I would say, ‘Learn to live in peace or the full might of the U.S. will be brought to bear in support of Israel. Israel is a reality so live with it.’" — Steve (Tennessee)

"If I were president, I would tell my secretary of state to let the Israelis know that we are behind them 100 percent. World War III is here, and we will stand strong with Israel and the few allies that have taken action to remove Islamic fascists from the face of the earth." — John (York County, VA)

"If I were president, I would have my secretary of state tell Israel to finish the fight and tell the other leaders to either disarm or destroy Hezbollah and Hamas or the U.S. will assist Israel until the job is done." — Phil

"If I were president, I would have Secretary Rice tell Israel to go into Lebanon in the north, and we will send our military in from the south. Lebanon's a good place to start before going into Iran and Syria. These terrorist must be stopped — now." — Donna (Golden, MO)

"I would tell Israel to get out of Lebanon and stop retaliating on innocent people there, in Gaza, or in the West Bank. There has to be another way to stop Hezbollah aside from bombing civilians. They all have to stop shooting, and start talking. This is destroying all hope for a free and peaceful Lebanon." — Olga

“They can either be with us or against us, however this moment in history will be decided by us and not the terrorists. It can no longer be tolerated that any group of human beings will dictate how another group shall live.” — Erin

“ It is absolute nonsense that terrorists have a voice. And it is also nonsense that the Lebanese government would stand idly by, while terrorists bomb their neighbors. It’s time to get serious. The world looks ridiculously inept.” — John (Cleveland, OH)

“I would encourage the Israelis to take whatever steps they deem necessary to eliminate the Hezbollah military threat. However, I would also encourage them to make every effort to preserve the Lebanese government itself from destruction.” — Jeff

“If I were president, I would tell the leaders in the Middle East that we are supporting Israel and anyone who fights to eliminate terrorism or allows terrorist cells to operate. Terrorists are cowards and the U.S. will join forces with those who fight against it if necessary.” — Bill

“Rice's message for Israel must be that the U.S. stands by them but, we will not condone the Israeli government advancing militarily across borders at the drop of a hat, killing innocent civilians. We must demand Israel show restraint or they will lose the billions in foreign aid we send them annually.” — John (Myrtle Creek, OR)

“It is time for responsible Arab nations to come to the aid of Lebanon with a multi-national Arab force and sweep Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations out of Lebanon and into the sea. It is not enough for Egypt and Jordan and other nations to speak of wanting peace. It is time for them to act and destroy the cancer that Hezbollah and like organizations have become throughout the region.” — Steve (Miami, FL)

” I would tell Ms. Rice to inform Israel that Hezbollah has earned what they have coming. The U.N. has failed to enforce 1559 and we stand with Israel and her actions to protect the citizens.” — Chuck

“My message would be that we support Israel in fighting terrorists armed and occupying Lebanon illegally according to U.N. Resolution 1559. If Hezbollah and Lebanon are not forced to follow this resolution, then why do we, or any country, have an obligation to comply with the U.N.?” — Matt (Camden, TN)

"The enemy of our ally is our enemy as well." — Buck

"Cease your military operations against Israel, return the abducted Israeli soldiers and, Iran, cease your nuclear program.'" — AJ (Boise, ID)

"To other Middle Eastern countries, I'd have Rice emphasize the extreme risk posed by Iran and Syria to their stability, and point out that they have as much, if not more, interest in combating this terrorism." — George (Shelton, WA)

"I would send a very clear message to Iran and Syria that terror-supporting regimes will not be tolerated." — Paul

"A cease-fire does not work with terrorists; it only allows them more time to rebuild." — Jennifer

"I would tell the Israelis to take down as many Hezbollah as possible." — Don

"I would ask Rice to tell the Israelis that we support them morally in this struggle against its aggressors, and that we lay the blame for any truly innocent civilian deaths on the feet of its aggressors." — Felipe

"If we let these terrorists get away with this behavior in Israel, it will indicate to other terrorist groups around the world that terrorism works. It is amazing to me that so many countries do not understand the ramifications of allowing any terrorist group to exist. I do think the U.N. should send in a peacekeeping force, but one that utilizes a majority of other nation's militaries. At some point, other countries need to take on some of the responsibility." — Veeta

"I would also reassure Lebanon that if they choose to help rid their country of Hezbollah that we would be there to help them rebuild their country and provide aid to their people." — Shelley