Investigating a Michigan Mystery

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First, a quick programming note: "On the Record" will air specials on the Mideast conflict at 10 p.m. ET on Saturday and Sunday.

Last night — from Beirut — we had on our show a college student named Kristen Trotter. She is a senior at the University of Alabama and interning this summer at the English paper in Beirut, The Daily Star. In my research I discovered that she has been busy writing articles in The Daily Star about being in Beirut with a war going on. Click here to check out an article that she wrote.

As an aside, while I am sure her parents are very worried about her, you have to admire Kristen's ambition. As a college student, in the midst of a war, she writes an article for the Beirut paper! I suspect we have not seen or heard the last of Kristen.

Since our show has been wall-to-wall war since last week, I thought I would use the blog to show you other things about our show: what we have been doing, etc. So, posted today are pics that were taken last week when we were in Michigan working on a special that will air in about two weeks. You may remember this story: Last August, two Michigan lawyers — Lana Stempien and Chuck Rutherford — were traveling on a 27-foot pleasure boat on Lake Huron to Mackinac Island, Michigan. Then something happened — the boat was found idling and no one was on it.

Two weeks later, Lana's body was found in the water. Chuck has never been found. It is not known if he is dead or alive. There are also questions about their relationship.

Many odd things happened. For instance, the boat was seen drifting mid-afternoon one day and then, about 12 hours later, after it was seen drifting, somehow the GPS system got turned on. The next day the Coast Guard boarded the boat. It is assumed Lana and Chuck were not on the boat mid-afternoon when it was seen drifting. The eyewitness said she did not see anyone on it, but did not call the Coast Guard. But, if no one was on the boat, then how or who turned on the GPS about 12 hours later? Another odd thing: a knob from the GPS was found embedded in the bottom of Lana's running shoe. Why would the GPS knob be stuck in her shoe? These are just two of the odd parts of this investigation. We have looked at many of the peculiar aspects of this case.

To do this special, Lana's family let us board the boat to look around. The boat belonged to Lana, not Chuck. We shot video and still pics. The still pics of the boat are posted. You will see the video when we air the special.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Great coverage this week, Greta! Want to know something else about Greg Palkot? He answers e-mails — even from war zones! He is a terrific correspondent. We have marveled this week at all the FOX correspondents who are over there in harm's way. How anyone can watch any other channel is beyond me.
Edith Greer
Roanoke, VA

ANSWER: This e-mail is responding to yesterday's blog where I linked to Greg Palkot's bio on our FOX News Channel Web site. Greg has been "holding down the fort" for FOX in Beirut and doing outstanding reporting. What is interesting is that apparently this viewer is e-mailing Greg and that Greg is responding. I guess I am not surprised — many of us at FOX are in constant communication with our viewers. We appreciate them and we like to engage in discussion with them when possible.

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta!
Why doesn't Israel carpet that 20-mile barrier area from their border north and take them out that way without sending in ground forces first? They could use a tight pattern and get about everything.
As far as I'm concerned, Lebanon was complicit in this because they knew about the missiles and always had the option of calling on help through resolution 1559 to stop Hezbollah and disarm them. They didn't do it.
It makes no sense for people to say Israel should "use restraint" when they are having missiles rain down on them. Let the Lebanese people learn a lesson about betrayal and allowing terrorists to hide missiles in their basements.
All the hand-wringing about the ruined tourist season! I can't believe this.
Bonnie Hendricks
Cottonwood, CA

E-mail No. 3

With everyone's attention now fully engaged in the Middle East, don't be surprised if the charges are quietly dropped. This may be Nifong's way out. I'd like to be wrong, but that case looks political from the word indict.
Walt Lock
Pearcy, AR

ANSWER: Not a bad idea — you should tell Nifong.

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I honestly believe the two or three soldiers kidnapped by the terrorists are no longer alive. That is why Hezbollah is saying under no condition will they give them back.
Atlanta, GA

Finally, this story caught my attention:

Florida State student escapes Lebanon but two others staying

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